GOP visits NE Ohio as possible convention site

A team checking potential sites for the 2016 Republican National Convention has visited Cleveland, one of two Ohio cities still in the running as a possible host.
Associated Press
May 1, 2014


The visit Wednesday came a day after a team toured Cincinnati. The other finalists are Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas and Kansas City, Mo.

Local media outlets report the chairwoman of the convention’s site selection committee said she was leaving with a favorable impression of Cleveland. But she declined to say whether Cleveland met the convention criteria.

Team members checked out public transportation with a trip on a trolley and visited locations including the Cleveland Convention Center and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ arena.

GOP teams are checking cities’ financing, convention venues, media workspace and hotels before choosing their convention site.



The Big Dog's back

All the losers in the country (Repubs) will be in one place.


Are you plotting something? Going to go all Jihad?


Yea. they will be in Cuyahoga County where 99% idiots voted for Bozo ! Now you know that had to be rigged, there had to be at least 2% Independent and Republican Losers in the county !


Romney lost the election but remember Obama mocked him during the debates regarding Russia being the biggest threat saying "the 80s called they want their foreign policy back", after the last several weeks of what's going on in the Ukraine I think we know Obama is the real loser, to bad there's so much trash out there willing to vote for him


And....cue the sour grapes from vcreed....


No sour grapes here at all, I agreed Romeny lost, he's a loser in many aspects of the word, but it's hard to sit idly by and watch folks sing the praises of Obama when he has been so incredibly wrong on so many different topics.


Actually, I'm surprised that they haven't chosen Ohio before. Since they have a fixation with the 1950's, and "Leave It To Beaver" was set in fictional Mayfield, Ohio, it's a perfect fit

Now, if we could only transport them via time machine TO 1950. They'd be gone, so we Dems would be happy, and they'd finally be forced to realize that the Americans were taxed at a FAR higher rate during those prosperous times than we are today.


Without someone to stop the Democrat party the US would look like N Korea. That's a fact.


Can't argue with Big Dog on this one. He clearly knows a loser every time he looks in a mirror.


I seriously doubt he can look at himself in the mirror. If he did he'd see all the ills of his life are actually his own fault and not those of others.


Yeah, what was BigDog thinking, by supporting a president who brought the country out of a disastrous recession? We absolutely should have voted for McCain, since his economic plan was to continue the same horrid conservative economic policies of the Bush administration. Grr. If we had just voted for McCain, we could now have 12% unemployment, but under that darned Obama, we went from more than 8% to 6.7% unemployment. We could have continued the massive job losses (7 million jobs lost during the final 2 years of Bush), but under that darned Obama we have added more than 6 million new jobs. We could have let the federal deficit continue to balloon, as it did under Bush, but that $&#^@ Obama cut it in half. And then we could've voted for Romney, who promised to DOUBLE DOWN on the Bush economic policies. What were we thinking by voting for Obama?

Don't Democrats realize that we need to listen to sensible Republicans like Paul Ryan who insist that we redistribute all our middle class money to the 1%, by giving them even bigger tax breaks and subsidies? Doesn't BigDog know that our CEOs need 7 mansions and 7 yachts, and that 6 of each isn't enough?


"Enter Tom Steyer, the billion-dollar man. After long profiting off pipelines and coal, he began trying to save the planet in 2012. The hedge-fund manager and Wall Street tycoon seems to have gained the ears of White House officials and numerous Democrats across the country. He has pledged to pour $100 million into this year's elections, with opposition to Keystone being his litmus test."

Democrats sold out the American Middle Class and labor unions for $100M.

Your rant above has zero meaning. Go chug some more Kool-Aid

The Big Dog's back

So Genius, when the koch brothers are spending billions the Dems aren't suppose to?


I can play let's see how much we can exaggerate. How many billions have the unions spent on dims? Who started spending billions first? How many billions have the koch brothers spent? How many billions have the unions spent?

Now to get real numbers and where, what and who came up with the numbers... it is all in the articles I link below.

Top donors 1989-2014

Top overall donors.

Top Individual contributers

And more

And then there is this:

Does anyone think piddles will give us links to prove his claims, especially when mine tell how, where, and what was used to get their numbers, if piddles links something it won't tell where or what was used to get the numbers. They came out of someone"s rear.

The Big Dog's back

Are you really that reading challenged pooh? What's my claim pooh? That Dems also spend money? Oh yeah, it is, you wacko.


Yes both parties spend billions... over a 25 year span. Look at the top donators I linked to... both sides, look at who you whine about, one side. If you want to whine about one side while the other does the same. That is the true definition of wingnut. That is why when I post about donations I include bioth sides and not whine about only one. You just whine about one till it is slapped in your face.


So the Koch brothers have used their elected office to accept bribes?

Explain when and provide proof.

The Big Dog's back

They've donated less than 3% total to campaigns in the time frame listed than Steyer has bribed Obama with for one election cycle.

Your Messiah is on the take Brutus.


(have to love the Register's double posts)


If we are out of the "disastrous recession" Why are they spending 85 billion a month propping up the economy?
"If we had just voted for McCain, we could now have 12% unemployment" The U6 is at 12.6% right now. A little research goes a long way.
In 2008 Obama was supported by wall street by the million for his campaign, But please continue how you hate the rich and they are all evil.