Watchdog considers reissuing report

The Ohio watchdog’s office plans to discuss today whether to reissue its report on a 2005 rare-coin investment scandal after information surfaced that the document presumed falsely that then-Gov. Bob Taft’s criminal record had been expunged.
Associated Press
Apr 30, 2014


Inspector General Randall Meyer’s top lawyer said Tuesday Taft’s no-contest plea on ethics violations was omitted from mention in the longawaited report on Coingate, issued Friday, because staff believed the Republican ex-governor’s record was among those shielded from public view.

Chief legal counsel Jim Manken said there’s a “strong possibility” the Coingate report, already nine years from the start of the scandal, will require a rewrite.


Pterocarya frax...

So they have already revised the report once for an error about judgments against Tom Noe's wife (not that she wasn't guilty..just that she wasn't convicted), and now they need to revise it again to show that Taft's record, etal, was not expunged, as the report said it was.

They shouldn't rewrite this report...they should use it to line the cages of their $3 million dangerous animal pen that has had 35 animals stay there....mostly baby alligators.

Then they can start over and write a real report with all the facts, not the Cliff Notes of the scandal, that are more wrong than right.

Come on this hack (Randall Meyer). Anybody that has been on these comment boards complaining about government accountability and waste should be screaming at the governor's office about this joke of a report.


It never should have been a state investigation in the first place.
What other state is so crooked that it even tries to investigate its Governor and a number of other state officials including the Chief Justice and two justices of the Supreme Court and the minority party allows it?

All of Ohio's newspapers and the Democratic party went along with it. Not one newspaper or any significant Democrat called for the USDOJ to extend its federal election case against Noe into a state wide public corruption case.

Also Strickland had plenty of chances during his administration to ensure this report was finished but kept the same political hacks in place that ensured the state controlled and contained this investigation in the first place. Pay to play is a problem with both parties and is systemic in this state.

I think our status as a critical swing state gives politicians in both parties enough clout to keep the Feds out or at least contained.