73,000 Ohioans take advantage of early voting

The deadline to request an early ballot is noon on May 3. Ohioans can vote absentee without giving any reason.
Associated Press
Apr 23, 2014


More than 73,000 Ohioans have voted early so far in the state’s primary election next month.

Secretary of State Jon Husted said 73,207 residents already have cast absentee ballots, while 155,093 ballots have been requested since the early voting period began for most on April 1. Absentee voting for military and overseas voters started March 22.

The election includes same-party candidate contests, a statewide ballot issue and about 600 local issues.

The deadline to request an early ballot is noon on May 3. Ohioans can vote absentee without giving any reason.

Voted ballots that are mailed must be postmarked by May 5 and received by May 16. Election boards also will accept them until polls close May 6. They cannot be returned at polling places.



How many are dead democrats? Got to watch those sneaky libs, voting to them is like peanuts u cant stop at just one time.


Does it hurt to rbenn ignorant?


There were fewer than ten (10) verified cases of voter fraud in Ohio during the 2012 election, in a state with 10 million residents. Some of the 10 cases of fraud, of course, were Republicans. Gotta watch those silly conservatives, pretending that voter fraud is a real problem...


I can't wait for the resident liberals to roll out of bed to complain that those bad old republicans are still trying to suppress the vote of the democrats. Really, if you're not able to figure out a way to cast your ballot these days, perhaps you should not be allowed to vote on the issues.


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Why should voters have to figure out how to cast ballots?
Voting is THE MOST SACRED right.
One would think the Constitution-huggers would want this protected even more than their guns - for which they DON'T have to register.


We do. That's why you should have to prove your ID before voting.


Nice try, MiddleRight. NOWHERE in the Constitution does it mention anything about needing an ID to vote. There is not a voter fraud problem, so there is no need to suddenly require an ID to vote. This is merely the most obvious of several things that Republicans are doing to make it more difficult for people to vote.




"Good morning", Ann!


Hey you need ID to get welfare, is that suppressing the poor? Dont seem to stop them getting free stuff now does it


You are absolutely right, ContraryAnn. Voting is indeed a most sacred right and as such two things are necessary. First, it must be insured that the election process is vigorously protected from even a hint of misconduct, for if Americans ever loose faith in it our days as a free nation are over. Unfortunately, things like absentee ballots with no questions asked and voting without identification - no matter how well intentioned - present opportunities for abuse and worse, the tainting of the entire process.

Second, voting is probably the most important thing most of us will ever do to serve our country and as such it should be respected, understood and appreciated accordingly. Making the registration and voting process a significant act requiring positive action on the part of the participant is one small way to reinforce this.

The free election process is America's gift to the world. It is our duty to protect it.


Actually, Republican efforts in Ohio to suppress voting is national news. When I was in Seattle in December, it was discussed on local radio, and my relatives asked me about it. On the radio here in Ohio a couple of weeks ago, a commentator gave a list of all the things Republicans have done in Ohio to suppress the vote. It took him more than a minute to read the entire list.

Absentee ballots are no more prone to voter fraud than voting in person. You still can only vote once. A FAR bigger example of tilting the scales to provide an unfair advantage would be the Republican gerrymandering in Ohio and across the nation.


4,000 Republicans became Democrats in the 2008 primary in Sandusky County to vote for Hillary.

You were saying about Republicans?

BTW... where is your precinct?

Area Boards of Elections are not receiving requests for ballots that have been mailed - even when voters have receipt for mailing.

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"4,000 Republicans became Democrats in the 2008"

Then they switched back, there was a reason for that : )


DECLARE PARTY at the Primary. The only easy time you can change party, crossover to affect an election, p-off the TPs here...



Guess which political party this woman belongs to:

"She was convicted of voting twice in the 2012 election and voting three times — in 2008, 2011 and 2012 — for her sister, Montez Richardson, who has been in a coma since 2003."


Pete... when is the last time you heard a dem say "one person, one vote"?


They have a group that collects obits so they can add names to voter rolls.