Attorneys: Client doesn’t deserve to die

An Ohio prosecutor plans to submit his position on whether a condemned killer facing execution next month for a Cleveland produce vendor’s 1983 slaying should receive mercy.
Associated Press
Apr 22, 2014


Attorneys for defendant Arthur Tyler said he should receive clemency partly because a second defendant repeatedly admitted being the shooter. They also argue a jury was coerced into issuing a death sentence and that a prosecutor and some of Tyler’s defense attorneys at trial had a conflict of interest.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty planned to file a motion on Tyler’s case Monday afternoon ahead of Tyler’s clemency hearing Thursday. The Ohio Parole Board makes a recommendation to the governor, who has the final say.

Tyler, 54, is scheduled to die May 28.



Did he do anything to stop the shooter? Give him the same clemency they gave the victim.


See ya Tyler


Why is Mr. Tyler's victim always referred to as a "produce vendor" in these stories? This makes it sound like he killed a cold business, not a living human being. I tried to find some information about the victim on the web, but little is available - other than his name was Sander Leach and he was 74 years old! Was he a grandfather, husband?