$38M at fairgrounds keeps horse event

Organizers of the All American Quarter Horse Congress have decided to stay in Ohio after the state committed $38 million for upgrades at the state fairgrounds.
Associated Press
Apr 21, 2014


The Columbus Dispatch reported Ohio risked losing its contract with the event because the congress had outgrown space available at the Ohio Expo Center. The event has been held in Ohio since 1967.

Virgil Strickler, the center’s general manager, said state money will fund construction of a 1,000-stall barnlike structure that will nearly double available stall space, and a 100,000-square-foot multipurpose building.

The fairgrounds’ 10-year contract with the congress was set to expire next year. Strickler said a new agreement will be struck before construction begins.



So....taxpayers foot this bill?

Dr. Information

Worthwhile investment as the congress brings in a lot of money to the Columbus area


Wow! the "All American" Quarter Horse Congress sounds like it does business like the real "All American" government congress! Gotta' spend the money to keep them around. What say people?