Ohio fund invests $50M into real estate

Ohio’s government-run investment fund for injured workers has agreed to put $50 million into a Wisconsinbased real-estate investment fund run by a major bundler of campaign contributions to Republican presidential candidates.
Associated Press
Apr 21, 2014


The Blade of Toledo reported the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s investment came in November. No money’s yet been disbursed.

It will go to the $450 million Hammes Partners II fund headed by former health-care consultant Jon D. Hammes, a major contributor to George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

The newspaper reported the investment bears reminders of the scandal-producing bureau investment into rare coins and collectibles overseen by another Bush bundler, Tom Noe. Unlike Noe, though, Hammes reports no state-level political donations.

Bureau spokeswoman Melissa Vince said Hammes’ political giving didn’t influence the investment decision.




Why am I not surprised !!

The Big Dog's back

Why are we investing in Wisconsin? Tom Noe all over again.


Because it promises to make money ?


Just like Noe did !!! LMAO


dog.... To quote HRC... "What difference does it make?"

They COULD invest in oil and gas from fracking in Pennsylvania.

BTW.... you never got back in the fracking conversation.


I smell kickbacks to kasick !!!!



Pterocarya frax...

Meanwhile we can't even get the final report on the Coingate scandal that broke open in early 2005, even though Ohio Inspector General Randall Meyer says the report is done, and he will release it...he won't. Who are you protecting Mr. IG?

Please BWC...let's get the previous investment scandal cleared up before you start investing in rare coins and beanie babies again.


This how the world works.
Accept it.
Nothing to see here.
Move along now!

Dr. Information

Its politics. They lie on both sides.


He should have done something secure with the money like Democrats do with taxpayer's money:

Remember that FANTSTIC return we got on our Solyndra investment?