Doctor seeks leniency in child porn case

A pediatric doctor who pleaded guilty to accessing child pornography is citing a troubled childhood and his own sexual abuse as a boy as he seeks a lower prison sentence.
Associated Press
Apr 21, 2014


Prosecutors are calling for a four-year sentence for Christopher Pelloski, former director of Ohio State University’s pediatric cancer radiation program. He pleaded guilty last year to a single count of accessing digital files intending to view child pornography. Sentencing is May 2.

A criminal complaint against Pelloski last summer said he acknowledged to investigators he used his home desktop computer and a laptop belonging to Ohio State University to download child pornography.

Evidence against Pelloski included two graphic videos and about 85 images of child pornography, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

Pelloski’s family struggled financially as he was growing up in an emotionally abusive household, his attorneys said in a Thursday court filing. He was sexually abused three times, they said.

Pelloski compensated for his childhood by becoming an overachiever but also developed poor coping skills, such as abusing alcohol, the filing said.

His crime “was a misguided attempt at processing his own abuse and repressed memories,” attorneys said.

They don’t ask for a specific sentence, merely a “lenient” punishment that would include mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Pelloski could face almost six years in prison, but prosecutors are recommending four years followed by five years of supervision. They acknowledge his troubled childhood but said his crime was a serious one.

Files viewed by investigators were “truly disturbing,” and evidence showed Pelloski had been engaged in child porn since 2007, according to a government court filing Thursday.



The most disturbing part of this whole story, is that the man is a PEDIATRICIAN! I hope that as part of his sentencing he is barred from ever practicing as a pediatrician again.

Dwight K.

Why would being abused and have troubled childhood cause you to be the exact same way


One reason is because one's perspective of boundaries is distorted.


when a child is sexually abused the feelings of pain and anger are so intense that they override any form of reasoning or common sense as they grow up. abuse victims can go either way as grown ups, either as sexual abusers or physical abusers. the anger takes over. it is never about sex.


Bottom line is, he CHOSE to do what he did. In his position, he had every opportunity & the knowledge (as well as undoubtedly, the money), to get help - yet he CHOSE not to. He doesn't deserve leniency.


Im not understanding the part where the government monitors this site, why not shut it down instead of monitor it. The government itself is exploiting these young children by allowing people to view and download. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, somethings wrong with this picture


Lugnut,chances are the server that hosts the site is in some third world country and not under US control. Though you'd think with technology available they could block access.