Attorney: Video may exonerate teacher

An attorney says video footage could help show a substitute teacher isn’t guilty of a child endangering charge stemming from allegations a developmentally disabled teenager was struck and bullied in gym class at a suburban Cleveland school.
Associated Press
Apr 17, 2014


Authorities said other students kicked the 14-year-old boy and dragged him around by his feet in February at Parma Senior High School. Police said the teacher continued class elsewhere in the gym while the teen remained on the floor.

The instructor, Gregg Mellinger, 49, has pleaded not guilty.

The Northeast Ohio Media Group reported defense attorney Ian Friedman has asked for 30 days to review video of what happened. Friedman said he thinks the video will support Mellinger’s not-guilty plea.

Authorities have said the boy wasn’t seriously hurt.


There you go again

Not knowing all the facts but I hope this teacher is innocent and cleared of charges. Teachers have NO options in breaking up "fights" in a classroom. If they even touch a student they are opening themselves up to accusations from students and parents. Too many lawsuits have prevented teachers from doing anything but teach in a class.

Stop It

I am not a teacher per say, but I do know with my voice and my presence that a student would stand down if I demanded it. That is actually all it takes.


If we all had your skills the world would be a much better place.

Stop It

Screw the world. I was talking about students in a school. Did you miss that part, graybeard?


As an 18 year school veteran, I know first hand that students do not always stand down when commanded during an altercation. As a female who has had to try to " get between " two students to stop them until help arrives to the classroom some students have the conscious to back away and others do not. Unless you work with today's teenagers you have no idea. It all comes down to what kind of person they really are. There are some amazing people out there and there are some not so kind people out there...FACT OF LIFE.

Stop It

You said it. Female.


Let them kill themselves the taxpayers will be taxed less.
You can blame all this crap On politically correct yeah who's.