Break-in suspect rescued from vent

Police say an Ohio man suspected of breaking into a restaurant overnight became stuck in a ventilation duct, triggered a fire alarm and had to be rescued by emergency responders.
Associated Press
Apr 17, 2014


The Mansfield News Journal reported a subcontractor arrived at the Bob Evans in Mansfield as the alarm was sounding early Tuesday and spotted the suspect’s legs dangling from the ventilation system above the stove.

Police allege the man climbed onto the roof and tried entering through the vent system but got stuck. Firefighters threw him a rope to secure around his wrists and pulled him up through the ventilation shaft.

The suspect, John Edmonds, 47, of Mansfield, was charged with breaking and entering and having criminal tools.



Isn't he a little OLD for this??


Why not leave him in there?


It's a fire hazard to have trash in the exhaust vent for the stove.

From the Grave

They must have really good food.