Services expand in Ohio for sexual assault victims

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said 13 additional counties have access to comprehensive services for victims of sexual assault.
Associated Press
Apr 9, 2014


DeWine said 49 counties now provide all core sexual assault services, and 38 counties offer some. He said one county — Clinton, in southern Ohio — provides little or no core services.

Services include the availability of a 24-hour crisis hotline and advocates who could respond to victims at a hospital.

DeWine formed the sexual services program last year after a survey found 52 of Ohio’s 88 counties do not offer such services. DeWine said it’s crucial adequate services are available to all sexual assault victims.

Athens, Belmont, Carroll, Champaign, Crawford, Fulton, Harrison, Holmes, Meigs, Monroe, Noble, Perry and Wyandot counties expanded their services in the past year.