State’s casino revenues up for month of March

Revenue figures show March was a good month for Ohio’s four casinos.
Associated Press
Apr 8, 2014


The numbers released Monday show each casino had a significant increase from February. The bump mirrors a similar boost in casino revenues last March following winter slumps.

This year, the Cincinnati and Cleveland casinos saw the largest jumps. Cincinnati’s revenues rose more than 22 percent, from $16.5 million in February to $20.2 million in March. Cleveland’s revenues jumped about 21 percent, to $21 million.

The Columbus casino was up nearly 19 percent, to $20.8 million. Toledo’s casino garnered $17.4 million, up almost 14 percent.

The voter-approved casinos have drawn a combined $206 million this year, with the state collecting about one-third in taxes and distributing the money to Ohio’s 88 counties, school districts and host cities, among others.



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