Judge: Restore inmate’s hormone treatment

A federal judge has ordered Ohio to restore hormone treatment to a transgender inmate who sued after her treatments were stopped.
Associated Press
Apr 4, 2014


A legal complaint said inmate Antione Lee, who refers to herself as Whitney Lee, experienced a medical setback and depression after prison officials abruptly stopped the treatment in February 2012.

Judge Algenon Marbley ruled Wednesday the state’s actions have harmed and injured Lee and Ohio must immediately resume Lee’s estrogen treatment.

The state argued Lee’s case should have been dismissed because she didn’t exhaust the administrative grievance process first.



why in the hell should we as taxpayers have to pay for this crap? Hand him a razor blade and some needle and thread and let him do it himself.

Licorice Schtick

Why is hate speech OK in the SR comments?

Stop It

Where is this hate speech you speak of?


sounds like some liberal judge wants a girlfriend..

mimi's word

Cause inmates are intitled to better care than the people they harmed to be an inmate!


Yeah, I don't think gender reassignment is even covered by Obamacare! Why must we pay to service this criminal's delusions?


Thank a democrat for this mess!
It's ok to kill babies but not inmates ????
Oh liberals see what your doing to our once great country, lowering the standards.

mimi's word

I think it is so silly how you love to blame anyone and pull something in that has no bearing on this situation. There was an article a few days ago about abortion...go comment there.

Licorice Schtick

Double standards. Wingnuts cause problems then blame Liberals.


meanwhile, somewhere in ohio, somebody is going without medicine needed to live..


very well put!!

Bottom Line

Anyone who agrees with this is a waste of oxygen. Including you Licorice.


Blame anyone? What party is for this nonsense Mimi?