State representative donates kidney to ailing wife

A northeast Ohio lawmaker is donating a kidney to his wife of 40 years to help her overcome an autoimmune disease.
Associated Press
Mar 29, 2014

House Rep. Ron Young, a Republican from Lake County, was to undergo surgery Friday to donate the kidney to his wife, Kathy.

The Northeast Ohio Media Group reported Young’s wife has been on a dialysis machine because of the disease lupus.

The 58-year-old lawmaker joked he can’t withhold much of anything from his wife, including bodily organs.


The Big Dog's back

Where do the public employees insurance companies get their money from?


Ask your union lackeys, They might have a answer.


I suggest you research that question. The answer is the same place insurance companies get their money from anyone who they insure. You can look that up also. That should keep you occupied for weeks.


Glad you are paying attention somewhat. Why cant we take away both Nancy's (Regan/Pelosi) medical? Or we have what they have? point is our elected officials aren't deity.


Re: "Why cant we take away both Nancy's (Regan/Pelosi) medical?"

I suggest you go read what their insurance contract says, that might answer your question. I don't have access to their insurance plan nor their retirement plans. But you are welcome to search those things out if you really are interested beyond not making a point about it on a blog.