Abortion clinic fights for license

Facility is last of its kind in city of Toledo
Associated Press
Mar 28, 2014


The only remaining abortion clinic in Toledo is fighting to keep operating, arguing its deal with a Michigan health system fulfills an Ohio requirement that such a facility must have a patient-transfer agreement with a local hospital.

Capital Care Network is challenging its license revocation by the Ohio Department of Health, which concluded the clinic twice violated the law. A hearing officer appointed by the department heard testimony Wednesday in Columbus about Capital Care’s recent arrangement with the University of Michigan Health System and will make a recommendation to the department’s interim director, who has final say, The (Toledo) Blade reported. Several abortion clinics have run into trouble with the transfer agreement issue since last summer, when a provision of the state budget made the requirement a law instead of a department rule and banned public hospitals from making such agreements.

Capital Care owner Terrie Hubbard told the hearing officer she had transfer agreements in place at the times of the alleged violations, the newspaper reported. Hubbard said the arrangement with the Ann Arbor hospital came about after a transfer agreement with a Columbus-based health care system fell through.

The state rejected the latter agreement with the University of Health System.

The state health director who recently stepped down, Dr. Ted Wymyslo, testified Wednesday that he turned down the agreement because of concerns about the proximity of the hospital and clinic — more than 50 miles apart, in different states — and about the idea of transporting patients suffering complications that far.

“I was concerned because of distance mostly but also felt that this did not constitute what I would consider a local resource,” Wymyslo said, according to The Blade.

Hubbard said patients in true emergencies would be sent to a Toledo hospital regardless of the transfer agreement, under which patients with less urgent medical complications would be flown to the University of Michigan. The owner also said she hasn’t made such a transfer in four years of owning the facility or the previous eight years when she worked there.

Abortion clinics are categorized as ambulatory surgical centers, and other Ohio facilities in that category have transfer agreements with hospitals in West Virginia and Kentucky that are considered to be local for communities along the state line.

It is expected to be months before the interim director receives the hearing officer’s recommendation and makes a decision about Capital Care, which continues to operate in the meantime.

The other abortion clinic in Toledo lacked a transfer agreement and closed last summer.


Stop It

Rev. thinkagain Phelps is doing backflips with joy.


No one has the right to tell someone else what to do with their body, regardless of your personal feelings.

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What if that body is the life of the one being terminated? Kinda a contraction huh?

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Shut them all down. You made certain choices whose logical end is the formation of a new life.

To the godless liberal, a baby in the womb is a parasite. Through distorted reasoning they’ve determined that because the child is dependent on its mother, it is OK to kill it. News flash…a newborn also cannot survive without being dependent.


So what happens to that unwanted baby? It grows up to become one of those tragic stories you hear about kids being starved and beaten to death. If it were me, I'm pretty sure I would rather just avoid that mess and be aborted.
Which sounds better to you? Abortion, or a 4 yr old being abused it's entire life until an adult kills it in a drug fueled rage? Think long term. "Adoption! The magic cure!"
Until that baby spends it's life in an orphanage, where no one adopts it, because seldom do adoptive parents choose the crack baby.


orphanage? what is this 1950 they have foster homes with loving families, the point i would like to make is, how many children have been aborted that could have been doctors? how many of them could have came up with the cure for cancer or aids or what not?


Sure, there's also numerous foster homes where the adults are in it for the money and the kids are neglected. Sounds great. How many of those children that weren't aborted grew up to be drug addicts and welfare leeches? Kinda kills your question about the doctors, huh?


Not everyone who goes to an abortion clinic does so to "get rid" of an unwanted baby. I had to go to an abortion clinic for a missed miscarriage when I was nearly 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Hospitals will not perform D&Es at that point of the pregnancy in Ohio. If you choose to have labor induced (which is not a guarantee that induction will be successful) you can utilize hospital facilities. The medically safest option for me was the D&E, and I had to go to an abortion clinic to have the procedure. I have talked to many women since who have had to endure walking through picketers at clinics to have the same thing done, adding insult to an already heartbreaking experience. So before you cast stones just keep in mind that not every woman who is there goes to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.


How much do you want to bet that abortion rates would go WAY down if implanted contraceptives (so you can't "accidentally" miss a day) were a requirement for welfare benefits? I'm just asking...


Sam , That is just as bad as telling a woman she can't get an abortion . The whole point is that a woman's body is her own , and to dictate what she does with it is against her Constitutional Rights . Just like gun advocates don't want someone telling them they can't have guns .


What it would actually be like is someone telling you you can't get a gov't subsidy for a gun. Wait we DON'T get gov't subsidies to buy a gun, but we do subsidise people who have babies on welfare. Compare apples to apples.


If you can't afford the kids you have and the state is paying your rent and groceries, you absolutely should not be able to have more.

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More what? More sex? Sex is the leading cause of pregnancy. You would think some women would be smart enough to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, not an unwanted child.


More kids, clearly. The gov isn't paying for the actual sex. And you would think so...unfortunately, plenty of people view another kid as more $$ in their welfare check, hence, the comment about mandated BC. There are also people that aren't quite intelligent enough to stop making them.