Legislation sparks sale of Tesla cars in state

Ohio automobile dealers have struck a deal that will allow Tesla Motors to sell its electric cars in the state.
Associated Press
Mar 28, 2014


The agreement with the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association was negotiated on Tuesday and approved by a Senate panel.

The bill allows Tesla to keep its existing stores in the Columbus and Cincinnati areas, and allows a third to open in Cleveland, but prohibits the company from opening any other stores.

The bill allows no other automaker to operate manufacturer-owned stores in the state.

Ohio was among states proposing to block Tesla from setting up additional direct-sales galleries on grounds they undercut traditional auto dealerships. Dealers saw Tesla as a threat to a system in which almost all dealerships are independently owned franchises that are separate from manufacturers.




So in other words the dealerships are afraid that we the people will find out just how much the rip us off. If other manufacturers allowed you to by direct dealerships would become extinct. I wonder how much money the dealers put into the "campaign funds" of our elected leaders to allow no other companies to do this...


Traditional auto dealerships need to be undercut. Why haven't their companies been able to produce a great electric auto like Tesla?
The electric auto is the future and the troglodytes hindering their progress need to be throttled. Is this capitalism or state planning?

Stop It

The price won't come down until we buy more. Shove the gas hogs under the rugs. Time to keep up with tech and get rid of throwaway scrap gasoline and diesel powered junk.


i think you are right, but when you say that about my beloved diesels it really hurts..


So you want to rid the country of gas and diesel power cars for electric cars that must be charged up by homes which are powered by coal power plants. Why not skip the middleman and have steam powered cars. Isn't that going backwards in technology?


this may go back a few years but i would love a detroit diesel 8v92t. such a beautiful sound, and i love the smell of diesel smoke!


Amazing that the government can dictate an additional level of overhead is required to sell cars, which increases their cost to the consumer.

Seems ridiculous.

The Bizness

If you all haven't read Elon Musk's letter to the people of New Jersey you definitely should.

It is a good lesson on why dealerships are in existence, and why the system is now being abused.

Here it is:

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The Hero Zone

This is the same state that finds its citizens too incompetent to pump their own gas so forbid self-serve stations. It's for their "protection" you know!


Telsa is overpriced and not practical . I'm looking toward Elio Motors for my next vehicle. 84 mpg, $6800, 5 star crash rating .

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Not as cool as the car in AI, but getting there. I want one...if I can fit in it.


Ask a gentleman 6'6" and over 300 lbs to get into the Elio to check fit. He said he could have moved the seat closer and he didn't feel closed in.

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Thanks! I'm 6'6" and weigh 300 lbs., so I appreciate knowing that.


Thinkagain ,

If your interested in the Eilo there is a great website.

Elio Owners . com



The issue here is not electric versus gasoline, but rather over-regulation of private business by government. Every time the government steps in to "help" it ends up making matters worse. In this case they have created an unholy alliance between carmakers, dealers and government, and as usual the losers are the consumers. If Tesla can find a market for its cars in Ohio, more power to them - they should not have to go to the legislature hat-in-hand to get "permission" to do so. Of course this works both ways: taxpayers should not have to subsidize electric cars either. Let the free market work and you will be amazed at the results.