30 help demolish cat gas chamber

About 30 people helped demolish a northern Ohio animal shelter’s gas chamber that was used to kill hundreds of stray cats annually before it was phased out amid public pressure.
Associated Press
Mar 25, 2014


The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer reported the gas chamber was demolished in a public event Saturday in the parking lot of the Medina County Animal Shelter


   The society had invited people to take a sledge hammer to the gas chamber in exchange for a donation to the society.


   The debate over the fate of the carbon-monoxide chamber began after county commissioners voted unanimously in November to stop accepting cats at the county kennel, effectively ending the chamber’s use.


   The county stopped killing dogs in the chamber several years ago because of public opposition.


Don S

Now what will be done with all the stray cats and dogs that will roam your neighborhood ??? Starve or freeze to death ??

Peninsula Pundit

No, they now perform euthanasia on animals by injection, which, BTW, costs much more than the gas chamber did, even though under either procedure, the animal just goes to sleep forever.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I agree. The intentions of whoever was placing pressure on the pound were good, but by destroying this chamber they saved no more animals than before. In doing so it increases the cost, still kills the animals, and perhaps even leaves more to die in the wild to parasites, vehicle strikes, starvation, or exposure. I don't see this as an especially "humane" thing to do nor celebrate.

My heart breaks thinking of all the strays that have to be put down, but for everyone's benefit it is better to do it as it was done before than now.

I'm too soft, perhaps, just writing about this makes me mist up but deep down it really seems like the correct choice to have kept the chamber...