Wind farm approved

The state has approved a wind farm with 176 turbines and associated electric transmission facilities to be located in western Ohio.
Associated Press
Mar 19, 2014


The Scioto Ridge Wind Farm in Hardin and Logan counties will be capable of generating 300 megawatts of electricity and will include up to 60 miles of access roads, 83 miles of underground electric collection lines and four meteorological towers.


The farm could power up to 83,000 homes.

The Ohio Power Siting Board on Monday authorized Hardin Wind, LLC, a subsidiary of EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc., to construct the project on 17,000 acres of private land.


   The siting board said the wind farm is associated with two additional projects involving the construction of a 4.8 mile long, 345 kilovolt transmission line and a 345 kilovolt substation in Hardin County.


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Watch. Some here will call this Seward's Folly.

The Bizness

Awesome news!


OMG the birds!?!?!?! What about the birds?


That's the first thing I thought of also...This will kill so many birds.


I was being a smarta@@. Wasn't there just a huge hissy fit just thrown over wind turbines at the lake because of the eagles and birds migrating? If this is a whole FARM of wind turbines think of all the birds. I am actually PRO wind turbine. Most birds (especially eagles and other birds of prey) are actually pretty smart. The turbines in BG have very FEW bird strikes. Airplanes and cars kill more birds than wind turbines.

Really are you ...

Ah yes. I was just thinking. Wind farms around here. Lol! Those Mayfly bugs that swarm around here. Ha ha ha! Yes! Giant fly swatters. But someone blogged on here that these towers will be taller than the statue of liberty. Of course they will be placed away from an airport, but you never know with all of the air traffic. Planes big and small, helicopters, those glider engine kit things. Hypothetical but is possible more than birds. Lol.


These turbines, which are located inland, will be a much lesser hazard to birds than the ones proposed along the lake shore, a flyway that concentrates large numbers of birds.

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Expect higher utility bills. The bird choppers are totally dependent on tax-payer funded subsidiaries. Also the 176 bird choppers planned will be taller than the Statue of Liberty.

The Bizness

Birds are killed by the hundreds of thousands more by tall buildings.

Stop It

Let us put trays at the bottom and see the actual dead bird count. Those things turn so slow a bird would have to be one stupid bird who would die anyway flying into something else like a barn or a tree, anyway. Screw the bird people.

Edit to add: I bet I've killed more birds flying into the grille of my car at 55MPH than a wind farm will ever do. I refuse to slam on the brakes to avoid a stupid bird or any animal for that matter. Call PETA, I don't care.

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Keep the trays open so the coyotes can feed off the birds and become strong to kill off some of the deer that have no natural predators other than cars and trucks : )


Awesome! Wind energy doesn't pollute, and is a renewable resource. Clearly the smart way to go.

Wonder how many animals were killed with the latest oil pipeline leak? This week's pipeline leak is in Colerain Twp. near Cincinnati...


Call the ODNR and ask them how many Canadian geese meet their demise yearly when they crash head on with the Davis-Besse cooling tower; and it doesn't move. I've seen Blue Heron strangled by high power lines hanging near route 2. I've worked in many power plants - coal, gas, solar, nuclear... They all have their good and bad points. I support any energy source, alternative or other, that is economical, reliable and of course, safe. I don't like the idea I'm causing any collateral damage because I ran our microwave... but there you are. Pro or con, if you're reading this via the magic of electricity, get your head out of the clouds, you have as much to do with the damage as the corporations who built these "killing" machines that make your life like no other in history.
So whether you're against killing birds, or for that matter, any living thing that sacrifices it's life for your comfort, here's the thing, there is no nor will there ever be a single energy source for the world. Not that I wouldn't applaud it, but I don't believe it's in the foreseeable future. As long as you need the basics like water and food, let's not forget media or entertainment... as long as there is an "intelligent" species utilizing mother earth's resources, there is going to be "collateral damage". I'm not a BIG fan of wind power, I feel the towers are ugly and present hazards, nuclear plants are ugly and present hazards, coal fired plants are ugly and present hazards...
Well, you'll have to excuse me, the bladder isn't what it use to be... I pray I don't kill something when I flush...


Well said

Really are you ...

I know this is off topic, but not by far. Remember that article back when they were talking about putting the wind turbines up by Camp Perry? The response was: Wait birds, eagles, and of course I put my "really" nonsense in. But on a real note on that story. I haven't been there, but I am taking it that Camp Perry is right on the lake. Like wind turbines in a way, there are these bouy like deals that are put in the water and use underwater wave currents to generate electricity. Have the people that want the turbines up researched this possibility? Six or more current generators versus six wind turbines. The only adverse side effect I could think of would be sushi.