ODNR orders halt on drilling after quakes

State regulators ordered a gas drilling company to halt operations in an area of northeastern Ohio after three minor earthquakes were felt in the area
Associated Press
Mar 11, 2014


No property damage had been reported from the earthquakes that happened Monday morning just west of Youngstown.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources said there’s nothing indicating the earthquakes are connected to any injection wells.

The department said it asked the only oil and gas operator in the area to stop all work until it can further test the area.

An injection well used to hold wastewater from the fracking process has been tied in recent years to a series of earthquakes in the Youngstown area.


The Big Dog's back

Can't be. pooh said so.


I find it interesting that the ODNR will stop a fracking process with no proof of wrongdoing, but yet will allow birds to be killed by wind turbines without lifting a finger. It is good to know that political correctness is alive and well in Ohio politics.

The Bizness

If you are going to make that argument then we might as well stop buiding tall buildings because they kill hundreds of thousands more birds.


Canada has approx. 500 oil and nat-gas wells in and around Lake Erie and has been drilling them since the 1940s.

What's been their experience with quakes?

The Bizness

Not starting an argument, but are they high pressure fracturing wells or classic wells?


Drilling for 70 yrs.? Don't you think that they'd notice something by now regardless?


Actually, fracking has been around for 60 yrs.

Have you ever been in a mild quake? No big deal.

The global warming extremists will grab at any argument at hand to press their dogmatic agenda.


Because there is a bump in the road, every time a big truck drives past the corner, it feels like an earthquake. No fracking here.