Substitute teacher allegedly spanks kids

A northeast Ohio school district says it won’t use a man as a substitute teacher again after he allegedly spanked two young students.
Associated Press
Mar 9, 2014


The Vindicator newspaper of Youngstown reported a 63-year-old McDonald, Ohio, man is accused of spanking an 8-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl during a gym class on Tuesday.

John E. Jerome pleaded not guilty Friday to a misdemeanor assault charge and was released on his own recognizance.

Warren schools said he has been certified to work as a substitute teacher since the 2010-’11 school year, but he will not be called again.

The school district said spanking or hitting by a school employee isn’t allowed.



Good for him need to have it in every school

There you go again

Teachers have their hands tied when disciplining students-they can't yell, spank, put students in the corner, etc. Ah, remember the days when we were afraid of teachers.... but still respected them? Not anymore more, the students have all the power now.


Here we go. Now all the corporal punishment advocates come out of the woodwork. A substitute teacher has no business touching any child. If he can't handle the job, he shouldn't be there. There's a simple solution for a sub if a child is unmanageable--send him down to the office.
When I was in school in the 70's, teachers used paddling. Guess what? There were still plenty of kids who misbehaved. In fact, the really "bad" kids would have contests to see who got the most "whacks". It was like a badge of honor for them.
It solves nothing.


" In fact, the really "bad" kids would have contests to see who got the most "whacks""

yea, sure...


Actually, they did. I can remember the paddle. I can remember me and my siblings being whooped at school, then go home and get whooped. These days, you better not touch a kid, or you'll be getting worse than a whoopin.


I remember doing that in Jr High

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I bet those kids think they did no wrong now, hearing how horrible the mean old man was by spanking them.


I have an 8 year old and am a step father to a 9 & 12 year old and all three boys get straight A's, don't get in trouble, don't talk back, and wouldn't think of being disrespectful to an adult or a teacher..... And guess what? None of them have ever been hit, or spanked. Not to say that I am totally against it, but if you can raise good kids without spankings and beatings. I was a bad kid and got beat regularly, they are excellent kids and don't get beat. It seems that they respect me and fear me without ever having to raise my hand..... I don't think I want the teachers spanking, or hitting my kids, it only takes a phone call... Stay involved daily parents

Dwight K.

Why would they have to fear you?


AEversole: To control another person by fear and intimidation is a form of abuse. It creates self esteem issues for the victim and can further affect their choices as an adult. I hope your children don't confuse fear and intimidation with respect as they grow older. Good luck!


He probably has a gun! Big man!


News flash AEversole; not all kids need it, I had 2 of my own, one I never give a whoopin to and the other got it almost daily, and it's not bad parenting. You don't earn respect from kids, as an adult, you deserve it.


If you had to spank a child almost daily, obviously spanking didn't work. Spanking, if used at all, should be a last resort for a major act of misbehavior, not the easy approach to every little infraction.


Fordman is right. Spankings work, except when they don't. It depends on the child. I got spanked -- regularly -- and my sister didn't. But that's because I didn't CARE if my mom told me she was disappointed or if my dad gave me a dirty look! That was more than enough to straighten out my sister on the spot, but me? Yep, get out the wooden spoon... Interestingly, both she and I turned into responsible adults, neither of whom have been in any trouble.

Before we roundly condemn this teacher, I want to know what the kids DID to deserve the spanking. The question at hand is, of course, whether they actually DESERVED a swat or two. The sub is either an old-school disciplinarian, or he's got anger management/control issues. One is okay with me and the other isn't.

I realize that in this age of political correctness and "my child is an ANGEL" defensive parents that spanking in school is almost universally prohibited. That means, of course, that the teacher is in trouble no matter the circumstances. I'd still like to know the WHOLE story, though!


It's prohibited because there are more effective forms of discipline. And it doesn't matter what the child did, the sub had no right to be physical with the child. Again, it's so easy for a sub: if a child is acting out and won't stop, you can send him down to the principal and have him deal with it. Or another teacher would usually be more than willing to step in and help.
It has nothing to do with political correctness and everything to do with knowledge and research.
And if you got spanked regularly, then obviously spanking wasn't effective.


spanking sets up a loop of bad behavior. Corporal punishment instills fear rather than understanding. Even if children stop acting up when spanked, that doesn't mean they get why they shouldn't have been acting up in the first place. What's more, spanking sets a bad example, teaching children that aggressive behavior is a solution to the parents/teacher's problems. SamAdams: The fact that you remember your beatings means they did affect you.


I remember the "treat" my sister and I thought pancakes for dinner represented, too. Oh, the HORROR of my abusive childhood!


and my mother in laws words if you don't listen you gotta feel


Mum-ofone and DGMutley, you are both part of the problem with todays kids. My kids acted up they got a whoopin, and the best part of my poor kids BEATINGS as you say is they respect me and hug me and love me. How do I know, because they come and visit me. I got mine beat and they got theirs beat. We will probably see yours in the register soon.


Fordman: Your kids may hug you and visit because you want them to, but they could be beating or abusing someone else, because of what you taught them. Just because you decided to repeat the violence does not make it the right thing to do. Shame on you for introducing your kids to this.


Someone once told me "A swat on the rump while young will save a punch in the face when older" I have seen my share of fights and that saying holds some merit.
The old guy at the bar said he likes to be spanked and things got sorta weird so i didn't ask him for any advice on the subject.


They both got their first one when they were 6 and 8 for fighting each other. After that only the younger one got it for disrepecting his teachers, myself his mother and other adults. Never learned that stuff from us. I seriously hope they spank children when they need it and im sure they will.


Fordman: I rest my case. They "never learned that stuff from you" but you catch them engaged in an act of violence against each other and you punish that behavior with more violence. It is never ok for a huge adult to tower over a child and beat them.


Whatever!!!!! It works, both grew up fine and both have great jobs and the youngest disrespects nobody. You go ahead and do it your way, while other spank their kids in front of you smiling at you the whole time.


Don't touch my kids! EVER!

Ralph J.

Things were much different when I went to school.