Police: Man fondled girl at school

Police in Akron said a man walked into a middle school and lured a 12-year-old girl into an empty office, where he fondled her.
Associated Press
Mar 8, 2014


School officials said the man got in the school Wednesday by walking through the front door as a vendor left the building.

Police said the man took two laptop computers and two cameras before fondling the girl. A school official told the Akron Beacon Journal the front door can only be opened by a buzzer or from within.

He said staff members and students know not to let anyone inside and that school officials will make sure all visitors will be told that, too.

Police said the 21-year-old Barberton man was charged with breaking and entering, criminal trespassing and gross sexual imposition.



so how did he get in then? apparently security needs some review.

swiss cheese kat

The girl let him in.


Did you not read it? As a vendor was leaving the door, this perv entered. However, if there are cameras, someone should have seen this.

swiss cheese kat

Yeah I read it. Unassumer didn't.

he said she said

'School officials said the man got in the school Wednesday by walking through the front door as a vendor left the building.'

It's only the first line of the article.......


A 12 yr. old should know better. Teach your kids about the hazards of life!


Way to blame the child victim!

swiss cheese kat

Deernuts is good at pointing fingers.


It's not pointing fingers, just point out the truth. A 12 yr. old should be more aware and it is her parents' fault if she is not. We have to stop treating our kids like they are too young for this or that and teach them what they really need to know. You have to control the things you can.

swiss cheese kat

Yes you are. You don't know the truth. Why is it always someone's fault? You teach your kids and let other teach their kids. Quit worrying about what others do. Its none of your GD business what her parents are teaching her.


And most 12-year-olds are very easily manipulated.


Not often I agree with deertracker, but a 12 year old should know not to go into any room with a stranger. I have taught my grandchildren from an early age that if a stranger approaches you, run to a crowded area or another adult that you know. I am sure that the school officials will be more aware of security. It is not the child's fault, however I do wonder where all these perverts are coming from.


Knowing something rationally, and being able to do it under distress are two different things. A girl that age is very easily manipulated by an adult. There was a study not too long ago about whether kids who were home alone and knew not to answer the door to strangers actually would adhere to that rule. Guess what? The majority of the time, the adult stranger who was knocking at the door was able to convince the child to open it.