DeWine recovers after vertigo spell

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine fell ill while at a speaking engagement in Cincinnati and was expected to remain in a hospital for observation Friday night after a bout of vertigo, his office said.
Associated Press
Mar 8, 2014


DeWine, 67, was at a “First Friday” luncheon of business and public policy leaders when he felt ill before his scheduled talk, DeWine spokesman Dan Tierney said. An ambulance took him from a downtown restaurant near Fountain Square to The Christ Hospital for evaluation.

DeWine was feeling much better by Friday evening, said his spokeswoman, Lisa Hackley, in a written statement.

She said DeWine was expected to be released today.



No doubt he is a bit dizzy trying to reconcile the fact that the GOP's view on any topic bears no resemblance to reality.


Better hope the hell you never get it, especially for prolonged periods, if you think it's so fun to deal with.

Darwin's choice

He was dizzy after learning he had to sign up for obamacare, to meet those deadline numbers....

Dinghy Gal

Coaster No doubt not my favorite politician, but he has more brains in his little fingernail than you who blathers nonsense repeatedly.

The Big Dog's back

Like you would know.

Dr. Information

coaster = tireless liberal romantic.

he said she said

@coasterfan: dizzy and vertigo are two different things. dizzy is something that people do to themselves by spinning around on purpose. Vertigo is a medical condition that can have fatal consequences when it happens. My father had vertigo and took meds to prevent episodes. He chose to quit driving AFTER he had an episode while driving that caused an accident.


Not to worry. DeWine has health care - we pay it.

The Big Dog's back

Good point kurt.

Dr. Information

So does Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and they use it.