Band director indicted for alleged sexual conduct

Licking County Prosecutor Kenneth Oswalt said the charges against Anthony Miller, 32, of Westerville, reflect his conduct with three females.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 7, 2014


A central Ohio band director accused of inappropriate conduct with three students has been indicted on charges including sexual battery.

Licking County Prosecutor Kenneth Oswalt said the charges against Anthony Miller, 32, of Westerville, reflect his conduct with three females. Oswalt said in a statement Thursday the alleged conduct occurred while the females were students at Newark High School.

Miller is an assistant band director there and served as a band director at a middle school. He has been suspended without pay from the district.

Miller’s attorney, Brad Koffel, said the indictment was expected and Miller is cooperating with authorities.

The indictment refers to conduct dating as far back as August 2010 and as recent as June 2013. Miller also is accused of disseminating inappropriate photographs.




Good news, there is a job opening in a school that would hire Brian Panetta, and pay him a lot more.

Bad news, this rock star has a wife and INFANT son! This guy even admits to at least ten more girls, that may step forward.


One word...predator.

moose in the mo...

This is a Perkins Alum. His brother is band director at perkins and st Mary's. He was this guys supervising teacher at Newark before that.....

Erie Countian

Yes, he is a Perkins alum. He and his siblings were all involved in band and theater at Perkins and his brother is an assistant band director there. I'm sure his family is absolutely devastated by his actions, and everyone who knew Anthony Miller at Perkins is in shock over his disgusting behavior. I believe he has admitted his guilt and is cooperating with the authorities. How horrible for his wife and baby and also for those he victimized.


Accusations and conjecture, until due process. Let us hope the truth comes out, and anyone hurt by any actions can heal.

Moose - Not fair, or right, to drag others into this.

moose in the mo...

As a supervising teacher where was the oversight? I just hope he knew nothing of this. This is shades of the Joe paterno jerry Sandusky saga. And as far as due process there has been admissions to nearly all of the counts. This has been an on going situation that reaches back years. Disgusting.

moose in the mo...
moose in the mo...

This is well past the accusations stage.

bridges burning

This is a terrible story. I know and am friends and family with many teachers and educators. Then a pervert like this makes everyone in the profession look bad. Put him away for a long time.

His poor child. Just a sick individual.


Really "bridges burning" put him away for a long time? Apparently if your a female teacher and confess to 20 or more actual sex crimes what you get in Sandusky County no jail or prison time at all even though you're found to be a predator and have to register your address every 90 days for the rest of your life. Link

bridges burning

That is aweful as well. So let's not have another case of injustice.


I still think you don't understand the charge. The age of consent in Ohio is 16. Teachers, like Prison Guards, parents, step parents, Police officers (with prisoners in custody) are among those held to a special standard here. Since all of the alleged victims are over 16 no crime has been committed here at all without the teacher status.


Victims in certain circumstances are deemed unable to consent to sexual activity regardless of their age. Examples include teachers, coaches in schools; corrections officers in prisons.

Here's the sexual battery statute:
It describes the situations where a victim is deemed unable to consent for various reasons or status of the offender.

bridges burning

You are okay with this then? A 32 year old man sleeping with a teenager? Teachers hold a lot of power over students, kids are looking for grades and letters of recommendation for school. Have you read the other articles? Have you read the conversations? If you have and you are okay with this then you need to look into yourself and see where your moral compass leads.

Without the teacher status he would not have been able to meet these children. Without the teacher status he would not have been able to groom these relationships. That is why the laws are written the way they are.


It's not a question of being ok with it. It's a question of whether or not it's criminal behavior and if it is how serious is it? I suspect there are many teen - older relationships that are not crimes because they don't involve teachers, prison guards, police officers (with prisoners in custody), parents or stepparents or other prohibited categories. You do realize that if a 32 year old Janitor, Bus Driver, Cafeteria Worker, or other school employee not having authority over students had committed these acts there would be no crime here so long as the student was over 16 at the time.

Ralph J.

Exceptions for EHOVE male teachers. No charges.