Judge: Protest against P&G was reckless

A judge set bond Wednesday at $50,000 each for nine Greenpeace activists he rebuked for their eye-catching protest at Procter & Gamble Co. headquarters in downtown Cincinnati.
Associated Press
Mar 6, 2014


The activists were arrested on burglary and vandalism charges after their Tuesday protest of the consumer products company’s use of palm oil from a supplier Greenpeace says is tied to tropical forest destruction in Indonesia.

Municipal Court Judge Brad Greenberg said the protest, in which the activists used a zip line to unfurl giant banners from P&G’s two towers as a helicopter filmed them, was “a reckless and ill-advised stunt”

Greenpeace said all nine activists had posted bail and been released from custody by Wednesday evening. Their cases will go to a grand jury.

Authorities said property damage, including broken window locks, would total more than $10,000.


Peninsula Pundit

I'm sure the judge received a sufficient honorarium for his service to the corporation.

Erie County Resident

So PP your saying it's ok to break & enter, trespass and destroy property to just make a stupid statement by self appointed nut jobs?