Guardsman found with explosives in car

An Indiana National Guardsman who was stopped in Ohio with explosives and guns in his vehicle has been charged by federal prosecutors with illegal possession of destructive devices.
Associated Press
Mar 4, 2014

Ohio state police pulled over Andrew Boguslawski in January after they said he was going 85 mph in a 70 mph zone on Interstate 70.

Authorities said they found 48 explosives, four guns and a remote detonation device when they searched the vehicle.

The complaint alleges Boguslawski had several devices that fit the definition of improvised explosive weapons.

Boguslawski was scheduled for an initial court appearance Monday afternoon in Columbus. A message was left for his attorney.

Boguslawski had worked at an Indiana National Guard training center near Butlerville, Ind., and told troopers he had items for training purposes.


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Let's see, explosives, guns, detonation device = right wingnut.


Pretty obvious to me!

Licorice Schtick

Boguslawski can NOT be a Real Name. OK, maybe it can. But ain't it a perfect fake name for government-hating wingnut to pick out?


Two of the three experts have weighed in. Is Coaster slipping?

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A pack of firecrackers, a couple paintball guns and a lighter?

You jackwagons sure are quick to show everyone your azzes on your shoulders!


Let's look at the article and play "Guess His Politics". He was charged by federal prosecutors so he is probably a republican. He was ignoring the law by going 85 mph in a 70 mph zone so he is probably a democrat. They found four guns when his car was searched. If they were legally owned, he is probably a republican, if not, then a democrat. He had worked at an Indiana national guard training center, so he had a job, which means he is probably a republican. If he no longer has that job, he qualifies for multiple government entitlements and is now a democrat.

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Funny. Stupid, but funny.


you're absolutely sure he's not a liberal? according to some people, liberals are to blame for everything!

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Yes. But everything's Obama's fault, too.


Why does he have to be classified as a bad guy from the start? Maybe he just like having a blast. When I was a kid we made home made bombs all the time to see how high we could blow the dirt up. Now if we knew his agenda then that changes everything. The article said nothing about his history or intentions, so why judge his intent at this point!


C'mon 2cents, 2+2=4! Whatever his intentions were they couldn't be all that good. We are talking about explosives and do you really think her was going to blow up dirt? He's not a kid anymore. Wise up! If you catch a guy with 50 pounds of pot are you going to just assume he has a medical condition?

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Funny, I don't remember making homemade bombs when I was kid.

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You were too busy playing with dolls....


LMAO, I was researching various compounds in grade school to make sky rockets using Estes rocketry, ripping apart etch a sketches for the aluminum dust and buying oxidizers at the drug store for explosives. Sorry some of us liked to play with chemicals, rockets, explosives and had fun doing and learning.

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Ted Kaczynski liked playing with chemicals too.


I know of other domestic terrorists that use only "Pens"

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You do know he means that "failure" in the white house, don't you dog?

LOL !!!!!


Maybe he was on his way to the White House.


Any instructor of firearms and explosives knows the regulations for transport of those articles.

Thus is it worse to knowingly break the law or does he think he is above the laws? I repeat if he actually is a firearms and explosives instructor he knows the regulations for transporting these items If he doesn't follow those regulations he deserves the maximum penalty, he has no excuse. He knowingly broke the law.


You knowingly transport explosives every day, think of the 20 gallons of gasoline in your fuel tank. I think the fed has gone a little far these days. I wish the old days were back when you could buy dynamite in the grocery store and haul it home in your bicycle basket to blow tree stumps on your land!


A sound, intact tank of motor fuel is not an explosive device.

And "when you could buy dynamite in the grocery store" is a fine example of the fictitious good old days that never were.

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Love that story!!