Day care worker fined in drugging case

An Ohio day care worker suspected of sprinkling drugs on snacks to get children to sleep has been fined $250 and had her 180-day jail sentence suspended after a plea deal.
Associated Press
Mar 4, 2014


Tammy Eppley, of suburban Columbus, entered an Alford plea Monday on a misdemeanor count of child endangering.

That means the 38-year-old Westerville woman doesn’t admit guilt but acknowledges prosecutors probably could prove the charge.

Defense attorney Clay Lopez said Eppley maintains her innocence but feared she could face a longer sentence if the case went to trial and she was convicted.

Police have said they obtained text messages in which Eppley acknowledged giving children the allergy drug Benadryl and the hormone and sleep aid melatonin.

Five more counts were dismissed under the plea deal in Franklin County Municipal Court.



I think she should have received more of a punishment than that. A child could have died. Spending some time in jail would have been good for her.


Given that Benadryl and melatonin are both OTC, that's how she got away with it. However, she's more than likely not licensed to give medications, especially sleep-aids, to children. Melatonin shouldn't be given to children anyway, and neither should Benadryl for that purpose. So, that prosecutor should've been tougher on her.


I agree Unassumer...what would have happened with an allergic reaction? Yes Benadryl is an allergy med but some are still allergic TO it, or if someone got too much "sprinkled" on their snack? If someone had drugged my children, there would have been hell to pay! This is a prime example of why I was a stay at home mom. Horror stories like this. Paying someone to take care of your child(ren) and then seeing this.