Organization refiles papers for proposed amendment

An Ohio group has refiled its paperwork after hitting a snag in an effort to guarantee certain voter protections in the state constitution.
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Mar 4, 2014


Last month, Attorney General Mike DeWine rejected the petition for the proposed “Ohio Voters Bill of Rights,” saying its summary was not a fair and truthful statement of the proposal.

Backers said Monday they have worked with DeWine and resubmitted the summary. The campaign’s attorney said organizers added two sentences describing federal law.

The proposed amendment would expand early voting times on weekends and make other changes to election rules. It is supported by a coalition of black lawmakers, clergy and civil rights leaders.

DeWine must certify the summary’s phrasing before supporters can continue with their ballot push and eventually collect signatures to get it before voters.



"Vote early and often!" Here we have yet another proposal geared solely to manipulate election results. The proof is simple: There's no need for extended voting. You have a lengthy period of time on election day to cast your ballot. If you're ill or out of the country, you can easily request a mail-in ballot. So if you WANT to vote, you already have that opportunity, and you have it conveniently.

Notice the primary supporters of the initiative, and then ask yourself WHY those groups are at the forefront. Do minorities not know what day of the week it is? Do they not have clocks? Or is there some more underhanded motivation behind all of this? I'm opting for the latter seeing as how it's obvious and all...


Sam, you couldn't be more wrong. This amendment is being introduced to abolish things Republicans and Husted have done to manipulate election results. It's a continual problem in Ohio. From the ridiculous Republican gerrymandered district currently led by Marcy Kaptur, to their current efforts to disenfranchise minority voters, to their obvious attempts at election rigging overturned by the court just prior to the 2012 election, Republicans can be counted on to do whatever they can to tilt the table their way.

I would turn your weak argument on its head: There is no reason to NOT allow extended voting. At the end of the day, we should do things that make it EASIER for people to vote. Republicans are doing just the opposite, and the only truthful reason to justify taking that stance is to admit that you want to make it harder for some people to vote. Furthermore, there were fewer than 10 verified cases of voter fraud in the last election, and if you assume that they were mostly Democrats, you'd be wrong.

Why not just admit what we all can see, plain as day? Republicans don't think they have enough people on their side to win an election fair and square, be it at the state level or nationally. So, they have to try to keep voters from the opposing party from voting. Cheating is their only path to victory.

To me, that's an admission that they have no clue how to attract new voters, and that's one of the few things they are right about. Young people aren't interested in a party that peddles hate and discrimination as does today's Republican Party. Their stand on social issues is appalling to anyone with a conscience, and frankly, I'm not impressed by anyone who uses the Bible to justify discrimination.

Erie County Resident

@ toastertart You really believe that any party can manipulate the vote by setting guidlines? Wow what a moronic position.
The left-overs liberals want to be able to vote anytime between Janruary 1 and November 25th so that all make sure to get there at least once to vote.

This only shows everybody with any brains a few things.
One is they are to damned lazy to go vote on election day.
Two they would only be able to vote one time.
3 and this is a biggie ... OMG I need to show an ID to vote.
The clowns that push this agenda seem to forget that ID is REQUIRED for almost every other daily life function. (But let's not let that get in the way of any logical thought)

You said this would make it "EASIER for people to vote". Just what is so hard about getting your butt out of bed and go vote on election day? Unless your in jail or some other self induced place of inconvenience.

In your rant you also said "I'm not impressed by anyone who uses the Bible to justify discrimination." Really?
From the "D" groups supporters that are pushing this all claim to be holy rollers so why your double standard? As far as hate goes the other bunch you mentioned the NAACP are also hate mongers just as bad as the KKK always mentioned by your side. They are just the same just different flavors, but you'll never admit that either.
So take your Democratic discriminators and peddle your garbage elswhere.


I agree with you where "gerrymandering" is concerned, but you really ought to be a little more honest with yourself if not the rest of us: Republicans are just the ones who did it most RECENTLY, not the only ones who regularly use the dubious process to "cheat!"

So, what exactly is your problem with one long day at the polls accompanied by absentee balloting? Are you not only too lazy to get up and vote on Election Day, but even too lazy to get a ballot and vote from the comfort of your couch? And if you're THAT lazy (or dumb), what would make you vote a week prior if you had to actually be bothered to drive to a polling place?


C'mon erie county resident, tell us how you really feel !! LMAO


In what way does absentee voting not cover all the reasons for extended voting hours and days? If you have trouble making it to vote on election day, simply get an absentee ballot and vote. Problem solved, with the mechinism already in use and widely accepted. Why spend more to keep polling places open and staffed, for days and night on end. Vote absentee and be done with it if you aren't sure you can get to the polls when they will be open and be done with it QED. It ain't rocket science.


Again, folks, your arguments are absolutely not dealing with the fact that the Republican Party in Ohio (and other states) continues to do things to make it more difficult for people to vote. Every single thing they do is an attempt to shorten voting, or to add another hoop people have to jump through in order to vote.

I'm glad that you can get your butt out of bed, to vote. I'm able too, as well, but I also know that there are old/infirm people who can't get out to vote or get to the post office, and who don't have a car or other transportation. Why force them to do something that is a physical hardship or financial hardship - unless it's your goal to make it more difficult for them to vote, of course.

My question is still: why does the GOP do that? Why is ID suddenly needed, after 211 years of statehood, when the actually occurrence of voter fraud was less than 10 people in 2012? Why SHOULDN'T we offer as many opportunities/ ways for voters to vote as possible?

If you're honest with yourself, you'll admit that if this were a real problem, you would've complained about Voter ID long before now. But you didn't complain during any of the elections in the past 20-30 years, did you? That's because you knew it wasn't a real/actual problem. Well, guess what: it's STILL not a problem. Republicans are simply inventing a solution to a fake 'voter fraud' problem that doesn't exist.

Let's peel away the onion, and expose the real reason Republicans are taking the stance they're taking: you know that the vast majority of people who do vote early vote Democrat. If the majority of early voters voted Republican, does anyone think your party would be trying to curtail early voting as they are? You're not fooling anyone, kids...


Again, in what way does absentee voting not solve all perceived problems? If you have any qualms about making it to the polls when they are open, you just request an absentee ballot, If you can get to a polling place you can get an absentee ballot, and mail it in. The system is already in use and accepted by all.

Explain why this does not fix any problem with how to get to the polls, as you don't have to leave home to vote. A simple fix that is already in place. If you are honest with yourself you can see it is a fixed solution that has been in effect for years. All you have to do is use it. If you are honest with yourself you can see the solution has already been made years ago, the absentee ballot.

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Meanwhile at the EPA, who make it more difficult to start or maintain commerce or industry...

Elsewhere we find the ACA increasing the...

Concurrently at the IRS we find our tax structure...