Kasich to deliver speech in NE Ohio

Ohio Gov. John Kasich will take his State of the State speech on the road again today, heading into the northeast Ohio home turf of Democratic gubernatorial rival Ed FitzGerald.
Associated Press
Feb 24, 2014


The Republican governor has signaled he doesn’t intend to shy away from major initiatives just because it’s an election year. He’s expected to plug fresh ideas involving education, job and career training and economic development in the speech at the Performing Arts Center in Medina.

It remains unclear whether an ambitious agenda emerging from Kasich would be welcomed in the state Legislature, where his fellow Republicans are seeking to retain their House and Senate majorities this fall.

Medina is also home to GOP House Speaker William Batchelder, who’s winding up a 46-year career in public service this year. Kasich has said he selected the location as a tribute.

His speech last year was held in Lima, in the district of Senate President Keith Faber. He began the tradition in 2012, with a speech in the heart of Democrat-heavy Steubenville after losing a contentious battle with unions that turned back collectivebargaining restrictions.

Medina Mayor Dennis Hanwell thanked Kasich and legislative leaders for gracing his city in an open letter Friday.

“This will permit our wonderful city to be showcased in the state spotlight, as well as share the many positive and appealing amenities that our city has to offer” Hanwell wrote.

The local Chamber of Commerce has arranged tours of local manufacturers for state lawmakers, along with private receptions at area restaurants ahead of the speech.

Debra Lynn-Schmitz, president of the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce, said the organization estimates about 250-300 legislators, their staff and guests will be visiting the town. She said she hopes they leave the city with a better understanding of the community and what it’s done for its businesses.

“If we can create some interest in the community itself that’s going to help our businesses in the long run — it’s a good thing,” Lynn-Schmitz said. “It’s commerce”

One legislative committee planned to hold its meeting at the Medina Hospital’s conference center.

Members of the governor’s Cabinet also scheduled area events and roundtables. The directors of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and state Environmental Protection Agency planned to highlight efforts to plug vertical oil and gas wells that are no longer in production. The abandoned wells from oil and gas drilling pose a risk for groundwater contamination if left unplugged.

Near the site of the speech, the labor-backed We Are Ohio organization plans to discuss Kasich’s policies, which they argue have made it harder for working- and middle-class families. The group led the successful 2011 ballot repeal of collective bargaining restrictions for public workers.



Allow me to mention several things that Kasich likely won't mention during today's address:

1. A poll released last week by Quinnipiac University's authoritative polling institute says that nearly half of Ohioans think he doesn't care about the needs and problems of people like him. Also, a majority of voters disapprove of the way he is handling the state's economy and jobs.

2. Ohio's unemployment rate exceeds the nation's. Wasn't his JobsOhio program supposed to help this?

3. According to a December 2013 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, OHio is one of just four (4) states whose economy is not growing.

4. He tried to gut the collective-bargaining rights of public employees soon after taking office, until voters vetoed it.

5. Kasich has presided over big reductions in state aid to public schools and local governments, thus forcing we taxpayers to foot those expenses through city and income taxes.

6. He advocated tax cuts that benefited the wealthiest Ohioans ahead of middle-class and lower-income taxpayers.

7. At a time when thousands of unemployed Ohioans needed food stamp benefits, he refused to relax work requirements - even though there were 3 unemployed people for every job opening.

8. Kasich has worked to restrict Ohio women's reproductive rights.

9. He has taken part in gerrymandering and voter-suppression schemes that have undemocratically rigged our state's legislature and U.S. House delegation in favor of his party.

Ohio can do better than Kasich. Vote for Ed Fitzgerald for Ohio Governor in 2014.

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The Hero Zone

Please provide specifics to this. I'm not even talking about the nebulous notion of what a "middle-class" person is. Let's take point eight for example. In which ways has he done this? How has he suppressed rights?

I want to make sure, too, that your citing of one of many "point in time" Quinnipiac polls also mentions:

June 25, 2013 - Ohio Gov Hits All-Time Job Approval High Mark, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Voters Say Economy Is Getting Better, Thanks To Kasich


February 28, 2013 - Ohio Gov Kasich Hits All-Time Ratings High, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; He Leads Dem Challengers In Early Look At 2014 Race

Among other things don't you find it redundant to be upset that "forcing we taxpayers to foot those expenses [public schools] through...". Who was funding local public schools and local governments before? Does this make sense to you, anyone else?

Before I buy into this eerily-vague bullet list of talking points I'd like to learn more about it from you as his supporter.

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sappy, are you really that internet challenge?

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The Hero Zone

I understand the motivation to not want tax dollars mixed up with abortion, but otherwise it would seem that these are more trifling barriers that a government puts up via regulations. I am sure that various other industries can all lament together over this (the irony that given what the ACA "forces" us to do as citizens is irrelevant to what this probably-irrelevant requirement "forces").

Some of the other aspects of the article are incomplete and/or exaggerated but if you want me to agree to the point that Republicans (and Democrats) should stay out of social matters like that you are correct. My own personal views of abortion aside, this is a game played in which only the non-participants (the electorate) lose.

I appreciate the link. Would you assist an internet-challenged person like me in finding support for the other claims above? As our President has told us many times, we are our brother's keeper.

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Anything else you want to know? To bad, look it up.

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You've been eating the "treats" out of the cat box again, haven't you!


I was just wondering was Ohio debt free when Kasich took office or did he have a debt to pay off?


Amen coasterfan.....we can't handle 4 more years of this guy. His real agenda is not an agenda that will move Ohio forward. Lets send him back to Fox News where he can be paid probably more and can spew more his philosophies and that will not hurt hard working Ohioans.

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kassick is fox noise personified.


Three count them three negative waves

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Clingons! They'll have to release the lip lock on obamas azz to come up for air.....!