Ohio bill requires 1 license plate

Supporters point to the bill’s potential savings for the state: about $1.4 million each year in license plate production and distribution
Associated Press
Feb 23, 2014


Motorists would only be required to display a single license plate on the rear of their vehicles under a proposal pending in the Ohio House.

But at the same time, a joint House-Senate task force unanimously has recommended against the change to one plate from two, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

At the end of December, the joint panel voted in favor of maintaining the two-plate requirement.

Law-enforcement officials told task force members front plates help people more easily report crimes and allow officers to spot people involved in traffic investigations, said Rep. Cheryl Grossman of Grove City, the chairwoman of the License Plate Safety Task Force.

A House committee passed a bill seven months ago to require one plate, not two. The proposal has 19 co-sponsors from both parties and is awaiting the OK from House leadership to be taken up for a vote.

Supporters point to the bill’s potential savings for the state: about $1.4 million each year in license plate production and distribution.


yea right

now thats a lie..other states only have ONE plate..seems Ohio cops can not see


you know what masturbating does to the eyesight? the osp needs all the help they can get.


Does Vitte know about this?


THe L.P READERS WILL NOT WORK AS WELL WITH one plate thats why they want 2


Actually, they will. They are typically aimed at angles to capture approaching and passing vehicles.


Not so long ago (few months?) Michigan was talking about going to two plates! No idea what happened to that idea though.

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Once again Ohio needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the present. And do away with the emission test while you’re at it.


In all my life of living in Ohio, never had my car tested for emissions? What part of Ohio do you live?

yea right

they have it in the bigger cities like cleveland


E check is a scam. Yes if you live in the seven e check counties you have to go through the hassle. But do you think our fine legislators in Columbus would subject themselves to it? Of course not! No e check required for Columbus!


31 states require two plates. 19 require only one.


Now that's amusing. ThinkAgain, a member of the conservative party (which needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the present) thinks that Ohio needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the present.

Actually, we already have. The state went Blue in 2012. :)

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Voter fraud is nothing to brag about.


says it will save the state 1.4million each year...but I would bet will cost the same, or more to us the people that will pay for it

nosey rosey

I believe that months ago the state said that the price to license your vehicle will not change, even if they go to a single plate requirement. I'm sure that we'll go to one solely because of money.

Darwin's choice

It's about time.


I think that they should keep the two plate deal. The reason being, if a crime is committed using the car, it at least gives you two chances of seeing the plate. I know someone (with Ohio plates) who has never put her plate on the front of her car, and she has never been stopped. I think the savings would come from the material and labor used in making two plates instead of one.


Labor? They are made by the inmates at Lebanon Correctional Institution.


I say keep the 2 plate system. Some people have a hard time getting 1 plate right. It doesnt belong on the rear deck or rear window, or on the dash it belongs in the spot the factory created for it on the rear (and if you have a front license plate bracket then on the front).


The last time that this came up the head of the OSHP testified that several crimes had been solved because people "saw the front license plate as the car was driving away"

How do you see the front of the car as it is driving away from you?

There is one reason why cops want to keep this. Most cars are now fiberglass of plastic on the front of the car with aluminum radiators and engines. So the front view of the car, windshield included, has almost no surface for radar and laser to reflect from. Ohio front plates are steel with a reflective coating. Cops are trained to aim at the plate.

The only reason it is there is to collect taxes easier in the way of speeding tickets.


I say keep two plates and make the scum bag prisoners work harder!


I've always had just one plate on my motorcycle! ;)


I don't care.. It's just going to be $1.4 million going into some corrupt politicians pocket anyway..


So the next time a child is abducted and only a front plate would have revealed the abductor, please do not complain! A child's life is not worth the savings of 1.4 million, right?

And to the poster that said radar or laser can not detect plastic/fiberglass, you are clueless!

Example: Corvettes have a place for a front plate, but most owners choose not to display it. They are also really aerodynamic for a reason; speed and looks. So by your logic, no Corvette owners have ever had a speeding ticket without a front plate? Learn the logic of radar/laser before posting something so idiotic!

Peninsula Pundit

I don't know about the 'logic' of these devices, but the physics of energy wave propagation/reflection clearly indicates that curvy cars are much less likely to produce a speed reading on either device than a semi.


Do some research you twit. By your reasoning there would be no stealth fighters, bombers, ships, drones, etc


I came from a state were only one plate is required an it doesn't hinder the police one little bit, including abductions of kids. The rear plate is just as effective as the front plate, in fact more affective....you turn around to look for it AFTER noticing the car that just passed you. The front plate isn't as affective as one would like to think.