Census: Market value of Ohio ag products soared

Newly released Census data shows the market value of agricultural products sold by Ohio farmers soared between 2007 and 2012.
Associated Press
Feb 21, 2014


According to the date, the value of crops including nursery and greenhouse crops rose from $7 billion in 2007 to $10 billion in 2012.

The same data shows the value of livestock rose from $2.9 billion in 2007 to $3.5 billion in 2012.

These increases came at a time when crop prices hit record highs.

The data showed the number of farms in Ohio dropped slightly from 75,861 in 2007 to 75,462 in 2012.



Is it any wonder that farmers are willing (and able!) to pay $10,000.00 per acre? That and the additional price supports they so willingly receive from good ole Uncle Sam. Since the government no longer takes energy costs and food costs into account when establishing the yearly inflation rate...is it any wonder that minimum and middle-class wage earners feel the pain of "trying to pay the bills"? If energy and food were taken into account..the yearly inflation rate is, most likely, hovering around 10%. With that being said...it obviously pays (and pays very well) to be farming or producing petroleum or be involved somewhere in either the medical field or insurance industry which feeds off the former. I think most working Americans would be extremely grateful to receive an extra 6% per annum in their pay checks. Am I wrong? And yet...farmers, et.al. are the first to complain about hiking the minimum wage up to a paltry $10.00.
"Unions"; a coalition of individuals working together to improve their economic livelihoods.
"Farmer Cooperatives"; a coalition of individuals working together to improve their economic livelihoods.

So why does the Union label now carry such a bad stigmatism? Shouldn't farmers have the same privilege?
(A lobbyist is a lobbyist no matter how you try to rationalize it or separate the wheat from the chafe.)


Three reasons to support the current Republican (read "Corporate") agenda, (A) have enough money,(B) have enough ignorance or (C) have enough of both.


ewg. org That speaks volumes. btw, it is Agri-buSINess. Farming lost its soul.


Great call on ewg.org, truly sobering. "Budget hawk" Jim Jordan, who is the federal rep for a good portion of the region, voted for the odious farm bill that increased subsidies and locked them in permanently. 80% of the money goes to corporate farms. What a phony.

So much for the fiscal responsibility ruse. Wise up people, billionaires are getting your tax money in the form of these subsidies. All is well though because he is a republican, right?


Re: "odious farm bill that increased subsidies and locked them in permanently"

So you expect a local politico to step up and refuse govt. money?

I seem to recall a lot of b*tchin' especially on the left when the high speed rail funds were refused.

H*ll, a carrier can't be mothballed:


Like to see a politico explain to his constituents how he refused to 'bring home the bacon,' while the funds went elsewhere.


The funds ARE going elsewhere, and republicans are reaping the major benefit at our detriment and you darn well know it, Contango. Jordan has learned where his bread is buttered, corporate welfare. The family farmers he stiffs buy into his squeaky clean persona crap and gladly vote him back in. Their money only counts for re-election funds, he's a lap dog and they are too busy trying to make ends meet to bother recognizing it. The only bacon is coming from their livestock. Go to the site and see where the 'local' money is going. You are correct about the larger dynamic, but, over time the special interests have refined how best to siphon tax dollars.


Re: "republicans are reaping the major benefit,"

And there are no Dem representatives from farm states?

Believe the 'Us vs. Them' BS if you so choose.

EWG ain't a lefty "special interest group" huh? lol


@ "kURTje: Our nation as a whole has lost its soul including "farmers". My only hope is that enough people see the real problem for what it is and "rise up" through whatever means they can. Thank you for your comments.
@ wetsu: I am NOT a Democrat or Republican. However...when one looks at one party's affiliations and intent versus the other's...it's easy to see who is trying the hardest to combat the corporate takeover of our very lives. Hence...I will not only vote a straight Democratic ticket...I'll also campaign for them as well. This from an x-diehard Republican. Thank you too for your comments.

(I watch the rebellions taking place in various countries around the world and I think, "Good for them. At least they have the guts and wills to take action.") "Why not us? Are we too lazy? Too ignorant? I don't know. It's a scary, frustrating and disappointing time in our nation's history.)


pntbutterandjelly: I was not suggesting that you were a republican, aside from Lima the region where I now reside is overwhelmingly republican and are content to give Jordan, Faber, etc a free pass. That was my point. I, too, am a recovering republican. Boehner and Kasich have done much to facilitate my recovery, however.

As far as guts and wills are concerned, the daily routines we have assumed give just enough to keep us satiated to the point of being marginally content to keep our collective heads above water. It will take the citizenry becoming mobilized with 'lanterns and pitchforks' in Columbus and D.C. before anything changes. Our politicos have done a good enough job of insulating themselves that most people see their efforts as futile.


Let's just 'conveniently' forget that the modern farm price support programs began under that great corporatist (fascist) FDR.

Better also take a look at Big Sugar. Where they default on loans and their DC friends give 'em more.


Repub or Dem.?

Kinda like in "The Godfather"; who should one support, the Corleone or the Barzini crime family?


No argument on this topic where R and D corruption is concerned.