Chief justice appoints corruption board

Attorney General Mike DeWine alleges Athens County sheriff is a criminal
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 20, 2014


Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor appointed a special three-judge commission Wednesday to consider the suspension of Athens County Sheriff Patrick Kelly.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine asked for the suspension after a special grand jury indicted Kelly on 25 criminal counts Jan. 31, including 13 counts of theft in office.

O’Connor was required to wait 14 days before appointing the commission, according to a news release from the Ohio Supreme Court.

The news release did not provide the names of the persons appointed to the review commission.

Sheriff Kelly has denied he committed any illegal acts.

“The indictment charges that the criminal conduct Kelly undertook spans his entire tenure of holding the public office of Athens County sheriff” a document signed by Assistant Attorney General James Roberts states. “By taking campaign donations, Kelly began using his position for his own personal gain before even assuming office”

Meanwhile, DeWine is continuing a criminal investigation into the 2007 death of Craig Burdine at the Sandusky County jail.

Burdine was injured prior to his arrest on Aug. 11, 2007, and became highly combative with officers when he was taken to jail, they said. Surveillance video from the police cruisers that responded to the Sycamore Street address where he was arrested, however, don’t show Burdine being combative.

Neither the Fremont police, nor the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office conducted any sort of criminal investigation after Burdine died, according to the attorney general’s office. Instead, the officers involved provided witness statements with matching information describing what they said occurred.

A forensic pathologist who reviewed the autopsy information said Burdine was the victim of a homicide at the jail. County officials, however, say he died a sudden death due to drug and alcohol abuse and “excited delirium,” a condition often cited to explain deaths that happen when they involve police custody.



"Just as every cop is a criminal & all the sinners saints." The Rolling Stones.


Wonder what it would take for him to do an investigation on the Ohio Highway Patrol and Sgt. Ricky Vitte Jr.?

Ned Mandingo

Our country really needs to have a better system of recruiting and training police. Currently the profession seems to attract liars, thieves, murders and sexual predators. Along with the insecure cowards that are trying to make up for being a weak child that was picked on.


I agree, Ned. The problem is that we don't want to pay the people who perform necessary services that form the main fabric/thread of our civilized society. Police, firemen and teachers perform essential services, yet they are constantly villianized by the anti-union crowd.

When public support/respect is lacking, and is replaced by outright hostility, the result is that better candidates often choose other better-paying professions. Can we blame them? Cutting funding and freezing salaries may solve a short-term budget problem, but the result is a long-term dearth of quality people in those fields.

It's an incredibly short-sighted strategy. We're getting exactly what we deserve to get, by choosing to only finance a "budget-priced" police/fire/ education team. We increase funding for prisons, and cut funding for schools. The irony, of course, is that the party that insists on cutting funding "to protect our childrens' future", ends up mortgaging their future by their non-support of all things education-related.


yes sandusky county sheriffs deputies are corrupt including captin nicholson


What exactly does the Burdine case have to do with this headline? I guess any opportunity to throw Sandusky county into a story.