PETA opposes goldfish swallowing

An animal rights group said a high school in Ohio should put a stop to a tradition where students swallow live goldfish during a basketball game.
Associated Press
Feb 18, 2014


Members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said the tradition violates Ohio’s anti-cruelty laws.

Officials with the Perrysburg school district near Toledo said they’ve asked student leaders to discuss the issue and come up with a recommendation. The administration will ultimately make a decision.

The Blade newspaper reported the tradition began in 1981 when a few students ate worms before a game before they decided to eat goldfish instead.

The event happens when Perrysburg plays its rival Maumee High School.

PETA said it got involved in trying to stop the practice after getting calls from local residents.



Swallowing a fish is arguably cruel, but the difficulty with calling it illegal becomes apparent when you compare it with "fishing," which involves fooling a fish into swallowing a sharp barbed steel hook, impaling it deeply, ("setting", while hoping it's a big one for a long fight) then tearing the hook out with pliers and tossing it into a cooler for death by slow suffocation.


They ate worms before, where was PETA then?

God help the stupidity of humans and the alphabet organizations.


Maybe we should all seek a way to put an end to the stupidity that is PETA. Don't perch fisherman impale a live fish, place about 10 feet or so below the lakes surface and keep it there until a fish comes by and eats it alive ? I love perch ! Go away PETA.


my wife agrees about not swallowing fish eggs

Erie County Resident

I find this absolutely crazy and stand up 100% for PETA.

Everytime I go to the store I whip out my PETA card and go nuts in the meat section yelling to everyone that can hear...

I belong to PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals.
Place them right next to the taters and veggies.
(Now where is the gravy isle?)

be for real

Peta as well as everyone else should mind their own buisness.Thats whats wrong with this country,between the tree huggers,animal activists people need to find some other way to occupy their time out other peoples buisness

Stop It

George Carlin nails it here:

Not safe for weak minded liberals...

Peninsula Pundit

For your edification, George Carlin was a strong-minded LIBERAL.
You'd have to be weak-minded in general if you didn't know that.

Stop It

Watch the flick and come back and tell me again, PP.


Wonder why you never hear of PETA Protesting against lions, snakes, orkas, bears, piranhas, and all other animals of prey?


That has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read.

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Then you should try reading some of your own postings.


Why is that so ridicules? The eat other animals.


Better Goldfish than DRUGS !


A non-story.

H*ll, PETA opposes ALL meat eating.


you nailed it..all that needs to besaid

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The Hero Zone

Not just that but products like bovine-derived insulin. Except, of course, when one of their own VIPs need it. Then they make an exception from browbeating other people and using sex to sell their message. I imagine they also take antibiotics when they are sick and as we know that mercilessly slaughters millions of innocent bacteria that were just living their lives inside you.


Regardless of what PETA chooses to get up in arms about, there is a blatant disregard for living things here in OH. The 'it's just a cat, dog, bird, deer, etc' argument points to that ignorance. Most of the comments here are all for stupid traditions and against PETA, which I understand sometimes goes too far, but they do have a point. All living things have value and while I understand that many were brought up on farms and in 4H, I am still against harming living things. I was brought up to eat meat and still do but I don't go out and kill animals for the sport of it and I try not to harm animals I come in contact with, even spiders. Swallowing goldfish would not be good for the kids either so an end should be put to that tradition. Worms was a bad idea too. There are many other options for celebrating or promoting good luck in a game. How we treat animals is a testament to our character.


Re: "I was brought up to eat meat,"

So you'd rather have others commit "murder" in slaughterhouses for your pleasure?

How is this not hypocritical?

Most people hunt in order to save money and help feed their family.


No, I would rather they stopped slaughtering animals and then we'd be forced to stop eating meat because long standing habits die hard. And no I don't think most people hunt in order to save money and help feed their family. They do it because they like to kill.


Re: "we'd be forced to stop eating meat,"

'Someone' is forcing you to eat meat? No sh*t?

Do 'they' hold your mouth open and shove it down your throat? Sounds horrible!

Better call the cops!

A number of low wage people I know, hunt deer to help put food on their table.


You are entitled to your opinion, even if it's the stupidest opinion ever. You are a hypocrite by the very definition. You can't have your cake and eat it too! Animals are dirty, disease ridden, and delicious! I like steak to still be mooing when I cut into it, I like to see the blood run into the center of my plate so I can dip each piece of cow into it before I eat it! And no, I don't swerve for cats, I hit those little bastards every chance I get. I will crash my car to avoid hitting a dog though.

Brick Hamland

If we didn't eat the animals then other animals would eat them. Might as well get our eat on

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Tell em babymomma.


I don't get deer hunters. How do they watch their actions inflict such pain on a defenseless beautiful creature and feel nothing? A creature that would never go out of its way to harm them? Just do not understand it.

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How do wolves, cougars, and alligators inflict such pain on a defenseless beautiful creature and feel nothing?


They taste great!


One of my favorite PETA looney ideas:

"PETA Wants Memorials for Cows Killed on Road"

From the Grave

Aren't those goldfish often referred to as "feeder fish?" Why should it matter how or by whom they are eaten?
Go help some homeless children for God's sake!!!


I doubt there are many homeless children around here and they would be in shelters or being helped by some agency already.

From the Grave

Here, or in the Toledo area, where this story originated?


Actually, I think it's a pretty silly tradition. I'm sure it will only be a matter of time though that some parent will sue the school district when little Susie or Johnny comes down with a severe case of salmonella poisoning.


can you get that from goldfish?


There are many diseases that fish can pass on to humans and make us sick. Fish can get infected with Salmonella, a bacteria that causes food poisoning in people, and so if we eat a sick fish then we too can get sick. I can remember my daughter once having a small painted turtle as a pet--my cat must have put his nose on it and developed a terrible case of salmonella poisoning in his eyes. Same would go for a gold fish-the goop that forms on their skin can't be all that healthy to ingest.
All the same, I'm with you unassumer.


You know that some Universities rape cats for their pregame rituals


How would a whole university fit into one cat pray tell?


One at a time skank

Peninsula Pundit

The worms would be safer and more nutritious.


PETA is such a stupid organization. They're too busy shoving PETA in their butts to think clearly. They like PETA in their mouths too. Sometimes, they just rub the PETA and hope it spits at them. I got a PETA they can rub, it's small but it's mine! Lmao....who cares about a stupid goldfish.


Pam Anderson sure ate a lot of meat. Is that how she got hepatitis? e*o*.

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Tommy Lee's meat.

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PETA has killed more than 29,000 animals (mostly dogs and cats). In 2013 alone, PETA killed 1,792 cats and dogs, an average of 5 per day.

No outrage there.


Goldfish have lots of parasites & worms, yuck.