Baldwin Wallace students sentenced for operating Ecstasy lab

Two students at a private, liberal arts college in northeast Ohio are going to jail for operating a drug lab.
Associated Press
Feb 15, 2014


Benjamin Knight and Lauren Pajerski — music conservancy students at Baldwin Wallace College in suburban Cleveland — were sentenced to the minimum nine months in jail Thursday for making and selling Ecstasy.

WOIO-TV reported Knight, 25, and Pajerski, 23, were arrested during a raid of their off-campus apartment in October 2012, following an investigation by the university and police in Berea.

They had pleaded guilty to charges accusing them of stealing chemicals from a chemistry lab at the university and manufacturing the illegal stimulant out of an empty dorm room.

Two other students charged in connection with the case avoided jail time.


Left Sandtown

See,Higher Education doesn`t pay.Our Children are the future!God Bless us all.


BW wasn't this exciting when I attended :(


What a waste. Obviously these guys are super intelligent if they are manufacturing X. Its not meth and I've never even heard of some one around here having the resources or capabilities of doing it , .... Impressive. Hopefully they learn from this and apply this skill to findind a cure for aids, cancer, and other diseases that don't seem to have a cure