Jack Hanna working to save giraffe at Copenhagen Zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo said it killed a 2-year-old giraffe to prevent inbreeding. The carcass was butchered in front of a crowd.
Associated Press
Feb 15, 2014


Celebrity zookeeper Jack Hanna said he’s horrified a Denmark zoo killed a healthy giraffe and fed it to lions, and he’s working to save a second giraffe that may be killed at a different zoo there for similar reasons.


   The Copenhagen Zoo said it killed a 2-year-old giraffe to prevent inbreeding. The carcass was butchered in front of a crowd.


   Hanna called that “abominable” saying the killing was wrong even if it hadn’t become a spectacle.


Horace Mann

How is feeding beef to the lions different?


That costs money, they already had the giraffe! Lol


In the article I read the Copenhagen Zoo said that this is routine for every zoo and they do it with all types of animals. He also stated that people are only upset because its a giraffe and that that no one got upset when they do it 'uglier' animals.


I honestly don't care one bit what animals die. If they killed them and left them, that'd be F'd up. But it's an animal, not a human. They all need to eat, and in the wild a Giraffe is food. Nobody's dropping off beef to them, they kill sh!t

nosey rosey

Humans s*ck and so do you who thing there is nothing wrong with what this zoo did.


I wish the zoo found another zoo to take this giraffe . When an animal dies of natural causes at the zoo, then I'm fine with feeding it to the lions. BabyMomma, humans are mammals , we eat meat , beef ,yes, raised for our consumption. Still, this young giraffe could have truly been wanted & enjoyed by you & others at a zoo. They should have better birth control for these animals in this zoo. Humans need to use birth control , look how many people are here compared to giraffes. Too bad that you don't care about animal welfare , but others do.


We also eat chicken, pork and who knows what else that at one time was alive. The zoo was just saving money. Worse happens in the wild.


I no longer believe that the majority of people are good at heart.

mimi's word

Not on here they are not. This was not a wild animal. He was a domesticated wild animal who while bending down to eat a treat that the people who he trusted shot him in the head killing him. I do think people are upset in the way it was handled. And as far as it was just an animal not a human...I can think of plenty of worthless human who have nothing to give that will make this world a better place that we could start feeding to animals...


In the wild this giraffe would have had a better chance to survive . Frugality would dictate this as a waste , since this was a healthy animal . A better choice may have been to reintroduce it to the wild .