Boehner rips health law in visit to Ohio district

“We had to pay our bills. The problem isn’t the debt ceiling; it’s the debt”
Associated Press
Feb 15, 2014

Boehner rips health law in visit to Ohio district

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner was back in his home district in southwest Ohio on Thursday and back on the attack against President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

Boehner said changes made to health care coverage have complicated business plans for employers.

“All it does is create more uncertainty for people trying to create jobs” Boehner said. “This is big government getting in the way”

Boehner said if Republicans were in control in Washington, “there’d be an effort to undo it and fix health care in a different way”

Boehner toured a wire products company in West Chester, in the aftermath of congressional action this week to lift the federaldebt ceiling that triggered criticism of Boehner from some conservatives.

Boehner said the debt ceiling passage was needed, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

“We had to pay our bills” Boehner said. “The problem isn’t the debt ceiling; it’s the debt”




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The Hero Zone

Does anyone else see this? It's lightly snowing right now and each pure, wind-driven flake is in the shape of a donkey! It defies belief, but without it being pointed out by coasterfan I never would have seen the purity and uniformity that being a member of the Democrat Master Race offers!

I am curious, sarcasm aside, what makes a person unqualified to run for public office as a citizen-legislator? Not being a legal citizen of course, but in your opinion how are they "unqualified"?


To coaster anyone who disagrees with the Party is unqualified. Remember to a Democrat it is always "Party before state and certainly before the citizen"


And the democrats only plan is to continue GIVING more entitlements.


Cfan says :"I read yesterday that the average Fox News viewer is 78 years old."

Would like to know where you read that. Even if true Fox has really no competition in the cable news field as MSNBC and CNN have very few .viewers, hard to imagine how they can find sponsors.

Actually I feel that older viewers would give creditability to Fox as the older persons have had more actual experience have lived more history than the younger less educated know it alls. The younger persons today believe it when told that Bush created the worse recession since the great depression only because they did not live through the double digit Jimmy Carter era.

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Ok democrats, show one large American city that's run by democrats/unions that isn't in the toilet.

Go ahead coasterfan........big dog....deetracker......

Good luck!!!



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Houston Texas,

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Austin Texas.


You're praising TX? Say it ain't so.

Why is TX doin' so well? A lot of it has to do with oil & gas. lol

Why are there no Eastern cities on your list, dimwit?

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Seattle Washington.

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Portland Oregon.

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Sweating it aren't you wormy!

Having to dredge for a democrat/criminal free metropolis!

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You asked, I delivered.

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"It’s a perfect analogy to the spiraling tyranny of centralized mismanagement epitomized by Obamacare and other rogue federal programs under President Obama. Here’s how it goes:

If you don’t bother to pay attention or even vote, you get a liberal in the White House and a bunch of them in Congress. When you get liberals in power, you get bad laws. When you have bad laws, you need penalties to ensure compliance. When you have more penalties, you need more enforcers. When you have more enforcers, you lose your freedom to run your business. When you can’t run your business, you lay off people.

When you lay off people, they go on welfare and food stamps. When they go on welfare and food stamps, they vote for lawmakers who will give them more free stuff. To pay for more free stuff, the government raises taxes and borrows money from China to service the national debt. When China crooks its finger, Uncle Sam crawls to Beijing, asking for mercy. Don’t make Uncle Sam crawl to Beijing asking for mercy."

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Keep voting in the demopublicans and this is what we end up with, the same people with R's or D's after their names pointing fingers at the "other" party. They both suck.

We need power in the state and local gov't, not the feds, Senators appointed by the States, more parties than 2, preferably 4-7 (hey there are 310 million folks in the country, do you think they can easily be separated into 2 parties?), term limits, making congress live under the same laws as the people and it would be a good start. Flush both parties and those they have in Congress.

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Is that the new marching orders because you know Repubs won't see the White House for a long time?

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Gee, we didn't hear a word about "Big Gov" for 8 years while bush was in.

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When a Dem is in the White House, the right wingnuts always talk about "state's rights". Especially a Black Dem.

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Just months ago, Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn tore the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in her right knee and fractured her tibia during a harrowing ski accident in Schlamding, Austria.

Vonn was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital in Schladming.

Concerned that she wouldn't be ready for the 2014 Winter Olympics, the U.S. Olympic Committee announced today that her spot on the U.S. Olympic Team would be filled by Barack Obama.

U.S. Olympic officials said Obama deserved the spot on the team because no one has ever taken a country downhill faster than he has.



Also, wouldn't another qualification be that Pres. Obama is rumored to be a former member of the Trinity United Church of Christ's "Down Low Club"?