Officials: Rescued children enjoy freedom

Three children who police say were tied to their beds for long periods of time, beaten and deprived of food are now relishing the seemingly mundane — going to school and eating ice cream.
Associated Press
Feb 14, 2014


Authorities removed the children from their Wheelersburg home in southern Ohio’s Appalachian country last week after one of them sent a teacher at her online school an email for help.

The children’s mother, stepfather and grandmother were arrested Tuesday for child endangerment. The stepfather also is charged with raping the two girls of the family, ages 9 and 11.

The adults’ attorneys declined comment or didn’t return messages.

Scioto County sheriff’s Capt. David Hall said the children are lucky to be alive. They’ve been living with a loving foster family and enjoying normalcy.



Thank goodness they were removed from that environment. What's awful is that there could be many more family situations like this that have not yet been discovered.


How disgusting! I'll never understand how/why an adult can do something like this to a child.