Supreme Court rejects request for AEP refunds

The Ohio Supreme Court has rejected an appeal seeking $368 million in refunds for American Electric Power customers.
Associated Press
Feb 14, 2014


In a 5-2 decision Thursday, the high court said the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel, which represents utility ratepayers, and Industrial Energy Users-Ohio failed to show state utility regulators erred in denying the refunds.

AEP and its operating companies collected the money from April 2009 to May 2011 to help compensate for certain risks associated with being a “provider of last resort”

Regulators at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio ordered AEP in October 2011 to remove such charges from future bills and to refund the charges it had collected between June and October of that year.

Justices said Ohio case law doesn’t require AEP to refund the $368 million it had collected earlier.


The Big Dog's back

Imagine that, a Repub packed court denies people their refunds.

Don S

People can you say a court bought and paid for ???


The decision was written by Justice Lanzinger (R)(recipient of big bucks in the old Thomas Noe case which was not fully investigated)with 4 Republicans agreeing with her. (O’CONNOR, C.J., and O’DONNELL, KENNEDY, and FRENCH, JJ.,) How much did AEP donate to the Republican party and these justices over the years?

Justice O'Neill (D) and Justice Pfeiffer (R) (As I recall not a recipient of Thomas Noe money and usually not supported by big Corporate interests)dissented.

A non profit group or maybe it was the NY Times did a study of Ohio's Supreme Court years ago and found it the worst overall in terms of Justices voting consistent with their big money donors interests.