Winter weather tough on growers, could raise prices

The bitterly cold winter is making things tougher for Ohio growers — and that could translate to higher food prices later in the year.
Associated Press
Feb 12, 2014


The subzero temperatures have caused Ohio winegrape, blackberry and peach growers to lose much of this year’s crop, according to The Columbus Dispatch.


   The value of the crops lost to the cold weather hasn’t been determined. Laboratories are analyzing grapevines, blackberry canes and strawberry plants for damage. And, of course, the winter is not over yet.


   Mitch Lynd, owner of Lynd Fruit Farm east of Columbus, told the newspaper he likely lost most of the fruit on his 3,000 peach trees when temperatures fell well below zero.


   Local consumers could end up paying more, but global competition tends to keep prices down.


Peninsula Pundit

How have our fruit trees survived previous winters in Ohio?
The weather this year is worse than we've had the past few winters, but not much different than winters we've had over the past few decades. This winter is really nothing more than what winters were when I was kid.
I'm sure many of you with a few Ohio winters under your belt will agree.
The Lynd Fruit Farm sells fruit.
I can believe a cold snap in springtime causing loss, but I'll ask what kind of fruit tree in Ohio has fruit that can be 'lost' in the middle of February?
How nice of the Dispatch to come by and give him newsprint to show his customers when he raises his prices next summer.