Prices at pump creeping back up

The cost for a gallon of regular gas in Ohio was averaging $3.40 in Monday’s survey from auto club AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and WEX Inc. That’s 9 cents higher than last Monday and up 14 cents from the price two weeks ago.
Associated Press
Feb 11, 2014


The national average is about $3.29 per gallon, which is up just a penny from last week and just a few cents higher than this time last month.


   The Ohio average is 18 cents lower than this time last year.


   The lowest average price in Ohio Monday was $3.39 in Toledo; the highest was $3.43 in Columbus.


Julie R.

Of course the price is creeping back up ---- summer's coming.


Creeps down maybe, but never just creeps up. Saw it @ $3.24 at one station, and $3.45 at another station (same company) the other day. Both have green accent.

Darwin's choice

The "yellow" stations are just as bad....$3.12 at Sams, $3.45 out front at the yellow "wallet vacum".


Executives can't take any loss.


Still double what is what when the god in chief took office. so any way you look at it Obamagod isn't helping.