Ohio computer reveals 1,900 polar cyclones

The cyclones leave behind warm water and air, melting sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.
Associated Press
Feb 9, 2014


A new analysis of polar weather data has shown that 1,900 cyclones churned across the top of the world from 2000 to 2010. That’s 40 percent more than previously thought.

The finding using data synthesized at the Ohio Supercomputer Center could be significant to anyone who lives north of 55 degrees of latitude, an area that includes Alaska, northern Canada, Scandinavia and Russia.

The cyclones leave behind warm water and air, melting sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.

Ohio State University geography professor David Bromwich said the finding is also important to polar researchers seeking to understand current weather patterns and what they say about future climate change.



I truly do not want to have to see someone trying to use this data to suggest that what was being said is that there have been 1,900 more cyclone then there were before. Please note it says '... more than previously thought'... that is all...


Re: "more than previously thought"

One of my thoughts as well.

Also, the data is 'only' for ten yrs.

And on this weak data they wanna predict what, additional effects of man-made global warming?

Really are you ...

Food for thought. True North and Magnetic North are are moving apart from each other. So that means True South and Magnetic South have to be moving apart from each other also. I heard that with 10 degrees of separation, the weather patterns will change around the world.
Why is the Arctic Circle melting, but the Antartica is not melting? HAARP?
Take a compass the needle points to Magnetic North. That is the Northern seeking pole end of the compass needle, labeled North. Like polarities repel. So how can north, north be correct? So the the northern end of a compass needle actually has a southern polarity that we have been taught to call it north. Or is the earth going around the sun upside down?

The Bizness

I can't tell if you are kidding or not.

1. A few theories are out about why the north is melting, and the south isn't. One is that since Antarctica is completely surrounded by ocean, the ocean current and winds(upper and lower level) isolate it from the rest of the world.

2. A compass works because the needle is just like any other magnet, so the north end of the needle(magnet) points north. If you could pretend there was a bar magnet running through earth the North end of the bar would be at the south pole.

Really are you ...

Exactly. The earth is a magnet, weak but still a magnet. Take a bar magnet and label it earth. Take another bar magnet, label it compass, and try and hold the two magnets north to north, and south to south. Let them go, they flip. Likes repel, opposites attract.

So is the north pole actually the south pole? Or is what we call the north end of a compass actually of southern polarity? As the earth rotates around the sun do we live in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere? In a way it is like the language we speak. "Agreed upon" sounds to communicate with each other. There are different languages English, Spanish, Latin, German... Which one is right?

Stop It

Polar flip?

"Is it true that the Earth‘s magnetic field is about to flip?

Like football teams at half time, geophysicists think that the Earth’s magnetic poles could soon switch ends with the magnetic north pole becoming south, and the magnetic south pole becoming north. Fortunately, when they say ‘soon’ geophysicists are thinking in geological timescales and they actually mean sometime in the next few thousand years.

It’s thought that the Earth’s magnetic field is generated by the molten iron core at the centre of the planet. The molten iron has currents of its own, just like an ocean, and these moving currents create the magnetic field. But the currents are not consistent and the Earth’s magnetic field moves around, with the magnetic north pole currently drifting by about 10 miles a year."


Stop It

"Earth's north magnetic pole is racing toward Russia at almost 40 miles (64 kilometers) a year due to magnetic changes in the planet's core, new research says."



The Sun 'flipped' it's polarity as well.

Effects on the Earth are largely unknown.




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