FirstEnergy to shut down two power plants

FirstEnergy Corp. is planning to close two northeast Ohio power plants earlier than initially planned.
Associated Press
Feb 8, 2014


The Plain Dealer reported the utility will close its Eastlake and downtown Cleveland Lake Shore plants this fall, rather than next year.

The move should lower the cost of power in northeast Ohio because the company has been collecting up to $3.7 million a month to keep the plants ready to generate electricity when needed.

PJM Interconnection — the nonprofit company responsible for maintaining the stability of the grid in Ohio and 12 other states — on Thursday approved the shutdowns a year ahead of schedule.

All 165 employees will be offered jobs at other facilities.


Simple Enough II

Would be nice to know what each of those plants were capable of producing in MW, what was their fuel, coal natural gas or fuel oil and when they were built.


They are coal - that's why they're shutting down. By the way, AP, the Cleveland plant is not anywhere near downtown, although it will free up some prime lakefront land.


$3.7 billion x 12 months = a LOT of savings. I wonder who gets to keep it?

From the Grave

not us


Billion is ALOT different than million.


The Lakeshore plant in Cleveland is about 200 mW. The Eastlake plant was more in the 600 range. The majority of the Eastlake Plant has already been turned into a synchronous condenser. Same will happen at Lake Shore. This will help push the power into Cleveland from the more distant powerplants.


200 mW (milliwatts) is two tenths of a watt, or about what it takes to power your wristwatch.

Did you perhaps mean 200 MW?

Our high school physics teacher slapped us upside the head for such errors.