Bill would allow athletic clubs to stand in for gym

An Ohio bill would let school boards decide what athletic club activities would excuse high school students from physical education requirements.
Associated Press
Jan 31, 2014


Current law gives districts and chartered, nonpublic schools the authority to excuse students who participate in interscholastic athletics, marching band, or cheerleading for at least two full seasons, or Junior ROTC for two full school years.

The measure would add participation in a schoolsponsored athletic club to the list of waivers.

The House passed the bill on an 82-9 vote Wednesday. It now goes to the Senate for consideration.


Baba Booey

P.E. is a joke anyway. At least after Elementary school that is. Every gym teacher i had just sat there on a chair and read the paper or worked on the crossword puzzle. The only thing they did was take attendance and unlock the closet to where the balls were at.