10,000 Ohioans lose food stamps over work rules

“We need to establish tens of thousands of work opportunities for folks with multiple barriers to meeting the new requirements”
Associated Press
Jan 25, 2014
Thousands of poor Ohio residents have lost food stamp benefits for not fulfilling work requirements, and the number is expected to rise in the coming months.

More than 10,000 people lost the benefits this month as Ohio began enforcing work requirements that had been waived in recent years as the troubled economy made it tougher to find jobs, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

The state said about 140,000 adults who don’t have dependent children now can get the assistance only if they spend at least 20 hours working, attending class or job training, or volunteering each week. Statewide, about 1.8 million people get food stamps.

Thousands more food stamp recipients are expected to lose the benefits soon because they haven’t gone through an assessment of whether the work rules apply to them or they are exempt. For some, caseworkers with large caseloads haven’t finished the assessments. Other recipients haven’t shown up for assessments as requested in notification letters.

“The overwhelming majority (of food stamp recipients) — 75 percent in some counties — didn’t respond to the request for an assessment,” said Joel Potts, executive director of the Ohio Job and Family Services Directors’ Association. “Of those who are showing up, about half are being exempted”

Another challenge in the process is fitting thousands more people into the state’s work force-development system, the newspaper said.

“We need to establish tens of thousands of work opportunities for folks with multiple barriers to meeting the new requirements,” said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks. Those barriers include a lack of Internet and email access, criminal records and extended unemployment.

Gov. John Kasich’s administration decided last year it would reinstate the work rules in most Ohio counties because the economy had improved.



All I can think of is that woman in Florida who was complaining about "somebody's got to take care of me and my children .. all 16 of them. man, she's probably had a few more since then.

Why weren't these rules enforced years ago? It should be uniform in every state.


Bout time. I, personally, am sick and tired of trying to take care of myself and everyone else too.

Baba Booey

Oh yea... What a great day in Ohio. I'm very glad but we need to take more steps for other assistance programs too. Let the free loaders be out of luck.....


what other assistance programs? welfare is the only one I know of.

Baba Booey

There are more Welfare, Metro, Wic....


Agreed bondgirlM this is leadership, hard working people are tired of flipping the bill for folks that dont want to work. And before you libs jump on this, I am all for helping the ones that cant work, that being said if you are able to work get off ur lazy arse and work.

Little Giant

Today at Cardinal I had to wait until the girl in front of me finished her text so that she could enter the pin for her SNAP Card. Amazingly she had a did have money to by a couple of cheap cigars. I wonder if she will be affected?


Tired as ____ of the free-loaders. Sad thing is generations have lived this way and the future generations see it as a way of life. See it everyday. Then you have couples who live as a family unit without the "formality of marriage". These families receive aid because momma is "single" with children while "papa" goes to his job for a real paycheck. I could go on and on but my head is ready to explode.


I've got news for all of you-you don't foot the bill. Not everyone on food stamps or welfare is a freeloader either. Many were laid off or do work and just don't make enough to make ends meet. While there are some that are just looking for whatever free stuff they can get, the majority are just like you and me-trying to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. You really need to stop generalizing and assuming about millions of people that you don't even know.


There's a difference between UNEMPLOYMENT and WELFARE. And who on here has a problem with someone who works as much as they can, and still need help? I would love to help those people. The freeloaders people are speaking of, are the ones who refuse to try. It's that simple, just try, a little effort goes a long ways. Sittin on your a$$ the whole year waitin on the first of the month so you can trade your food money for drug money doesn't impress me one bit!


"adults who don’t have dependent children now can get the assistance only if they spend at least 20 hours working, attending class or job training, or volunteering each week"

You really think that's asking too much?


Agreed, just try for cryin out loud!

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The Hero Zone

I agree, thinkagain. It is a reasonable "minimum" to ask of people and in all honesty that process can often lead to open doors elsewhere.

Depending on what the definition of "volunteering" is per the law, too, many people can work through a faith to perform shut-in care, a hospital to assist with tasks there, or any number of local/civic organizations that pick up trash, water flowers, take care of animals at shelters, etc. Fire engines could probably always need washed or other official municipal work done instead of nonprofit volunteering.

If reasonable opportunity for volunteering is there (as well as warning to those receiving benefits that no longer meet the requirements), let alone school and/or work, this would simply be an example of the unfortunate and extreme minority of people who for whatever reason are abandoned by most or all other forms of assistance except this somehow. But you can't help everyone.

While poverty is a concern of mine, any time there is an adjustment there is always a loss somewhere simply because change is change. In this case those that don't meet the new requirements are less than ~0.1% of the state's population. While I am not a statistician (by recognized degree, but given my hobbies...) that isn't too bad for adjusting a bell curve to a new set of circumstances.


Nice kitty photo you have.


How much do they get? I make roughly 46000 a year, If I volunteer 20 hours a week. Could I make it?

Baba Booey

Yea you'll never had to buy pop and candy bars again... Just send your kids in the store and they'll get it for you...


If you have kids, between free childcare, free food, welfare, healthcare.......you would come close

red white and blue



I have worked all of my life and get tired of people who abuse the system~BUT~jobs are VERY difficult to find and MANY have lost their jobs and now can't get food stamps?? Come on! How are people of this area supposed to eat?? Does anyone really care?? There are MANY out there that truly need them. There are NO jobs!


There are plenty of 9-10 dollar an hr jobs around. But if they aren't going without, why work? It's hard to find a "career" these days....a job is easy. I honestly think I could get 3-5 jobs in a matter of a month in Erie county. Alls I know is 250$ a week that you EARN, should be more satisfying than $175 a week handed to you by people who work.

red white and blue





That's my point as well. We go through this every year with my company, we can't get help! People don't WANT to work. They are happier with having less and doing less. I hate em!


Why would anyone want you as a co-worker? Eewwwlllllll!


It isn't a social outing, it's work.


The U.S. is experiencing a 'hidden economic depression.'

Fed, state and local unearned transfer payment programs are the current version of the 1930s soup kitchens and breadlines.

See Puerto Rico for a possible glimpse of the future:


U.S. interest payments on the federal debt ALONE could reach $1T annually by 2020.

We can't keep borrowing to live beyond our means - sumpthin's gotta give.


I think most jobs in the area are minimum wage and not $9 or $10 an hour. Either way you can't feed, house and buy medical care for a family of four on that. Rents start at $700 and go up. Food would be about $150-200 a week. Health insurance $400 and up depending on the plan. Then you have utilities. Electric over $100 a month, gas in the winter $200 and up, water/sewer in some places $100 and up, trash service and I am not even including car insurance, cable or any luxuries. All those bills could not be paid for with a $9 an hour job.


I, personally, and probably most on here don't have a problem helping those who are trying and just need a little assistance. However I do have a problem with able body people who are sucking the system dry.


And yet, they are able bodied enough to have sex and keep popping out babies. And are well rewarded for it.

Go Figure.

It's not right, but what are the rest of us suppose to do about it? This is the kind of thing that should be picketed in front of the White House, but isn't.


Would you PLEASE get in the 21st century???