Woman shoots self inside hospital

Police said a woman shot herself in the head inside a Cleveland hospital and is believed to be the wife of a man found dead hours later in a vehicle at a hospital parking garage.
Associated Press
Jan 25, 2014


Police said the 58-year-old woman was put on life support after she wounded herself Thursday evening at MetroHealth Medical Center. Officers identified the woman as an outpatient at the hospital but didn’t immediately release her name or hometown.

Hours after the shooting, hospital security found a 61-year-old man dead in the passenger seat of a car at the parking garage. Police said he had been shot.

The county medical examiner and a police homicide unit are investigating what happened.



More security is needed at Firelands. It's only a matter of time. It unfortunately will take something horrible to happen. God bless the families.


more security won't ensure that these things don't happen. maybe more help for mentally ill people would. there have been 4 shootings this week that I heard of and actually there were probably more that didn't even make the news. even having martial law or a police state won't stop people from doing these insane things if that is their ultimate intention. you could take all the guns away and they'd find another method to kill.


People just like to go out in grand fashion, I'm just glad she didn't shoot any innocent people first.


Except the dead innocent guy in the car?

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Maybe they just found out their insurance company had dropped them because of 0-bummercare.


God forbid that we violate the 2nd amendment rights of mentally ill people by restricting their access to guns. It will be interesting to find out where the death gun came from.

Simple Enough II

Was she struggling mentally, was he an invalid or suffering from one of the awful diseases inflicting the old, like Parkinson's, MS, Lou Gehrig's disease, or Alzheimer's disease, and maybe the decided to go out together? Wont know till the final report is released.


We all struggle but not everyone murders and commits suicide. The question should really be, how do you figure out who is capable of doing this.


Do you people ever re-read your crap before posting it on here??? Didn't shoot any innocent people first EXCEPT THE GUY IN THE CAR!!! Obummercare..of coarse you must be the type of person who blames everyone else for YOUR own faults. Of coarse the shooting was OBAMA's fault...seriously?!?! Duh people.


It didn't say she shot him, just that he was dead! Lmao, some people have no sense of humor.


Sense of humor for a murder suicide. Now we see how sick society really is.