City loses lawsuit on traffic camera ticket challenges

Cleveland has suspended its process for drivers to contest traffic camera tickets while it decides what to do following a courtroom setback.
Associated Press
Jan 25, 2014


For now, the city said Friday, it will continue issuing traffic camera tickets for speeding and red light violations. The delay of several weeks in sending tickets in the mail will give the city time to decide how to let drivers challenge tickets.

The 8th Ohio District Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that the city must allow motorists to fight tickets in municipal court, not before a hearing officer as it has been handled.

The court said Cleveland’s system violates the requirement tickets come under municipal court. Sam Jodka, of Columbus, sued over how Cleveland handles challenges of ticket fines costing up to $200.



There is a bill in Columbus to band them altogether except in certain areas like school zones and then they would only be operated in the presents of an officer. These cams don't do much for safety. they're all about revenue.

Dinghy Gal

Just another infringement on your right to face your accuser.
Ala a camera owned by a private entity, who happens to recieve the vast majority of the fines collected. Also, what if someone else was driving the vehicle? Guess who is responsible for the violation. You the owner of that vehicle. If we are to be held responsible for someone else who violates the law while using our auto would it not also stand to reason we would also be responsible if it was unknowingly used in the commission of any crime, such as speeding, bank robbery, murder, act of terrorism and so on?
Wake up America!!


If you don't pay the tickets there is not a damn thing they can do, way too many non payments to go after people, no points on your license.


That's a civil rights violation. I want my $100 back.


Dinghy, you don't know the half of it. I had a speed violation from one of these cameras dismissed because I couldn't cross examine my accuser, which is actually the software algorithm used to determine speed. I made a discovery request for the source code and complete harware specs, which the company won't provide, claiming they are trade secrets. Since they refused, I told the hearing officer that they couldn't fulfill my due process rights. With many years experience designing systems using the same technology, yes, I could have proven that the speed measurement is unreliable, but anyone can use this approach because they won't supply the information, so it won't ever get to that point.