Heartbeat bill supporters target GOP lawmakers

Supporters of a strict abortion bill in Ohio are targeting Republican state senators in a mail campaign, claiming they have failed to keep their word.
Associated Press
Jan 23, 2014


The so-called heartbeat bill would effectively ban abortions after the first detectable fetal heartbeat — as early as six weeks into pregnancy.

The measure met its demise in 2012 after the Senate’s GOP leader, who has since retired, blocked it from a vote. The idea was re-introduced in the Republican-controlled House in August, where it has not had a vote.

The group Faith2Action is mailing postcards to residents suggesting the lawmakers are “Republican in name only”

The organization’s president Janet Folger Porter said certain actions of antiabortion senators are far from their words. She said several thousand postcards will go to districts beginning this week.


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The crowning achievement of the Democrat party, is when a baby gets it's limbs ripped off and it's skull crushed in.