FirstEnergy: Radioactive leak poses no threat

An energy company said radioactive material detected in water from a steam pipe leak at a nuclear power plant in Ohio doesn’t pose a threat.
Associated Press
Jan 22, 2014


Crews at the Perry nuclear plant alongside Lake Erie northeast of Cleveland detected the leak Monday afternoon and reported it the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the state.

The plant notification to the NRC said tritium was detected in a groundwater monitoring station near the auxiliary building where the leak occurred. There’s no evidence tritium made it off plant grounds.

Plant operator FirstEnergy said the leak is being repaired and there is no threat to the public.

The NRC said tritium is a weakly radioactive isotope occurring naturally in nuclear plant operations. It can be found in self-luminescent items like wristwatches and aircraft dials.


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Why of course not.

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Sounds familiar:

"Radium was formerly used in self-luminous paints for watches, nuclear panels, aircraft switches, clocks, and instrument dials. A typical self-luminous watch that uses radium paint contains around 1 microgram of radium.[19] In the mid-1920s, a lawsuit was filed against the United States Radium Corporation by five dying "Radium Girl" dial painters who had painted radium-based luminous paint on the dials of watches and clocks."

No Wake

Radium was used back when we didn't know/didn't care what the exposure could mean to us; our understanding of radioactive materials has improved significantly since then to say the least. It's not to say that leaks like this shouldn't be monitored, documented and reported - any release of radioactive material should be - but it's not the end of the world.

Tritium has a half life of 12.5 years and the beta radiation does not penetrate skin, it is much, much safer than radium. Its radiation won't even show up on a standard Geiger counter, and the background radiation we get from the sun & the natural environment is more powerful.

Here's a URL from a source that isn't Wikipedia:

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If you had went to wiki, the reference number directed you to this:

^ Jump up to: a b Terrill Jr, JG; Ingraham Sc, 2nd; Moeller, DW (1954). "Radium in the healing arts and in industry: Radiation exposure in the United States". Public health reports 69 (3): 255–62. doi:10.2307/4588736. PMC 2024184. PMID 13134440.

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Radioactive leak goes undetected until caught by monitoring well. Plant owner says we have nothing to worry about. Right.

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