Ohio dog rescue groups must register

Ohio officials say dog-rescue operations that haven’t registered with the state under new regulations could face fines.
Associated Press
Jan 22, 2014


Ohio is believed to have hundreds of dog-rescue operations, but only a fraction has registered, the Akron Beacon Journal reported. The registration requirement was among regulations put into effect starting this year to crack down on puppy mills.

Martha Leary of Star-Mar Rescue in Wooster helped write the law and said the state has sent rescue organizations letters about compliance.

“Some organizations are scared of possible inspection, and rightfully so, and some honestly feel that the law doesn’t pertain to them,” she told the newspaper.

Ohio Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Erica Hawkins said a lag in compliance isn’t uncommon when such regulation starts from scratch.

High-volume dog breeders in the state — anyone who sells more than 60 dogs or has nine or more litters in a calendar year — were required to register by Jan. 1. Generally, the law prohibits a person from acting as a dog retailer in Ohio without a state license.

The law describes a rescue as one that cannot operate for profit, sell dogs for a profit, breed dogs or purchase more than nine dogs in a calendar year unless they come from a shelter, animal warden, humane society or another animal rescue.


Steve P

Why worry about the good rescue groups when the new puppy mill law is so weak.


I agree. Puppy mills should be shut down and they should make things easier for dog rescue groups.


I rescue dogs. Many times I find homes and sometimes a dog will come to live with our pack. I purchase a kennel license yearly so that any dog I have is properly licensed. All are well-loved and live a happy and safe life. My home is clean and visitors (including children) are never harmed.

I watch dogs for others, including my parents who live in New York. Having the kennel license "covers' all dogs in residence.

Last year the State wanted me to register. I refused based on the fact that I don't keep "bunches" of dogs and never do I have litters of puppies. I simply have pets (four in permanent residence) and sometimes have "guests."

Too bad if they want me to register. Just another law written by a bunch of lawyers with little else to do (Heaven forbid they should attack the unemployment problem . . . .)