Ohio legislator wants to allow stronger beer

Legislation in the Ohio House would allow production and sale of beer with higher alcohol content in the state.
Associated Press
Jan 19, 2014


The Columbus Dispatch reported House Bill 391 would increase the maximum percentage from 12 to 21 percent. Democratic Rep. Dan Ramos has been promoting the measure, saying Ohio brewers need to be able to use the higher alcohol content to compete with beer in other states. The higher-alcohol beer couldn’t have caffeine or other stimulants in it.

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Ramos has bipartisan support from 20 co-sponsors in his latest effort to increase the beer’s punch.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said he hopes legislators will look at how raising the alcohol percentage could impact drunken driving.

Ohio’s craft brewing business is growing, from 58 breweries in Ohio in 2012 to 90.



they need as many people drunk or high to keep doing what they want in washington dc


Why not raise it? If someone is really bent on getting drunk they will just get a bottle of that old janx spirit that is 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume)to get a wiff of the vapors. As it is we can go into any grocery store and get 20% alcohol in a bottle.
The old guy says "Top shelf is for the rich, The bottom shelf is for those who know how to party"

Tom Sawyer

Drunk is drunk no matter how you get there! But craft beer with higher alcohol content is an acquired taste anyways.


Anyone against raising the ABV of beer in Ohio has no idea what they are saying. Generally speaking, the average consumer of "craft" beer with high ABV's will drink far less beer than say your average "domestic" beer drinker. Not to mention we also allow 151 proof liquor and wine in excess of 21%. Allowing higher content beer will help small businesses throughout the state and the rest of the US as well. We are the only state in our surrounding few states with a limit under 18%, which quite frankly just shows how backwards thinking our state can be. Higher content beer isn't about getting drunk, the breweries making these beers don't promote binge drinking. Most won't even serve beer over 10% in anything larger than a 10oz snifter glass. These are the types of drinks that you enjoy just 1 or 2 and your done, not pound 12 'Merican lights at the tavern with your buddies and get wild. This is beer for people who enjoy the flavor and experience of drink beer, not getting wasted!

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