Ohio student pleads guilty

A 14-year-old Toledo student who pleaded guilty to triggering a lockdown and police standoff at a high school has been sentenced to community service.
Associated Press
Jan 17, 2014


Authorities in Toledo said the boy set off the lockdown in early December when he flashed a pellet gun that looked like a real firearm after he was sent to a room for disruptive students.

The boy pleaded guilty last month to inducing panic and two other charges.

The teen was sentenced to do 30 hours of community service and attend counseling.

A prosecutor told The Blade newspaper the boy will not return to the high school and that he likely will be home-schooled.

Toledo’s Scott High School was on lockdown for more than an hour during the standoff.



This kind of offender should be considered mentally incompetent.


This kind of offender needs MORE than a slap on the wrist....he needs MORE than community service. He caused a lockdown and SWAT teams to be called in. He is NOT mentally incompetent. He was kicked out of class for being disruptive, sent to an "in school suspension" room. Told them he HAD the "gun". He also had a knife in his bag. He was a teenager throwing a temper tantrum. He needs to be taught a lesson.