Ohio group backs amendment for voter protections

A coalition of black lawmakers, clergy and civil rights leaders are backing an Ohio constitutional amendment guaranteeing certain voter protections in the perennial battleground.
Associated Press
Jan 17, 2014


The Voter Bill of Rights was launched Thursday ahead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Ohio Legislative Black Caucus president Alicia Reece told attendees at a Columbus rally to collect signatures for the proposal in the spirit of King.

The measure would expand early voting times on weekends and make other changes. The effort responds to a June decision by the U.S. Supreme Court striking down a section of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. A bevy of states have toughened voter laws since the ruling.

Proponents said such measures guard against voter fraud. Critics said the new restrictions are aimed at suppressing low-income voters, particularly minorities.



Would someone please explain how voter's would be suppressed?


Since you are a repub it figures you woud say that !! ;o)

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The Hero Zone

I'm actually curious, too. Can you explain it? I'm not a Republican so maybe I can understand the nuances that are somehow incomprehensible to a party affiliation?

Meanwhile, we are told that we MUST embrace and trust Iran 100% else you are a warmonger and will be summoned to the White House to be corrected. But trust a portion of the United States based on a cultural history that has since been changed from 60 years ago? Heck no, they say!

Give peace with America a chance!


You are white you would not understand. Simple fact is they do not understand it either but the hear that it would make their vote worth more. Not sayin it is racist or anything.


I don't understand how whites can tell others what they think especially the whites who hate non whites.


I find the black caucus racist, why not have a white caucus? we have miss black america, why not miss white america, you have the united negro college fund, why not a untied white college fund? Look in the mirror if u want to see the true racist, the one who screams racism the most is the true racist


Who told you to trust Iran? What is the cultural history that has been changed racism when did it change?

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The Hero Zone

Our President, as even the Huffington Post reports, has called out fellow Democrats (let alone Republicans) as warmongers if they support sanctions against Iran. A few days ago he invited the dissenting Democratic senators to the White House and, as the report went on to say, after whatever magical meeting happened there they are all now in line with the president.

Meanwhile, in the South, I can't say the last time I saw a report of a public lynching, Congressional members as overt members of the KKK, fire hoses turned on people, or separate restrooms and drinking fountains for X or Y race. Yet there is a ceaseless harkening to that time as if it still happened in front of God and everyone every day in every town in every Southern state.

As for when it changed? Over the past (nearly) SEVENTY years! Depending on how you define a generation that is about 3 generations of Americans that have been born, grown up, or matured in that time. Are there still overt racists? Yes, but that will never go away completely. Is the institutionalized racism there? No, and if you can point to a bill that explicitly punishes one race instead of another I will be happy to examine it.

So this leads to my comment on how we are told that we MUST trust Iran, yet the same ruling class actively promotes the distrust of fellow states in the union. I find it disingenuous. Also as a younger person I am personally sick and tired of being drug screaming back over fifty years to a mentality that is nowhere near a prevalent/institutionalized as it was. Growing up in Florida I wasn't raised to hate X, avoid Y, or not sit next to Z. I didn't see separate facilities in school. Not only for that but for simple humanitarian reasons I don't condone that kind of segregationist behavior from government.


Limiting the number of places to vote as well as shortening the times that you can vote are both aimed at suppressing certain people's right to vote. People, yes even minorities, have lives to live, jobs to work, children to care for and need time to worship. Someone that has a job to go to or whatever should not have to wait hours to vote. The urban areas get the broken down equipment, shortened hours to vote and so on and so on. It is very obvious and insulting to minorities that some pretend otherwise. Minorities are not stupid, uneducated people and do not lack common sense.


Re: "Limiting the number of places to vote as well as shortening the times that you can vote are both aimed at suppressing certain people's right to vote."

A tired old argument.

Early voting and voting by mail is eliminating many of those issues.

Wait until web based voting takes off!

Then, the progressive-socialists will find something else to bitch about.


Early voting and absentee voting has also been cut back. Tired is right but the argument is still true. Don't you think some are TIRED of fighting for something they were guaranteed?


Re: "Early voting and absentee voting has also been cut back."

Looks pretty extensive to me:


Where's your proof?


Did you see the lines in Cuyahoga county? That's extensive!


Re: "Did you see the lines in Cuyahoga county?"

Why did they wait so long to vote?

Again: Where's your proof, Cupcake?

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deertracker, FREE phones were offered.


So you are saying that up until the last 10 yrs that voting laws, that were overwhelmingly backed by most democrats were suppressing the vote? I noticed that the big push to allow free for all voting with little to no rules has been directly correlated to the decrease in power by democrats. As for your comment about urban areas getting broken down equipment, apparently you've never lived in a urban area. I have, and they all had top of the line equipment. Out here in the rural area I live in is where the outdated equipment is at. Which is fine, we don't need fancy equipment that tells us how to vote because we are smart enough to figure it out on our own.

"Minorities are not stupid, uneducated people and do not lack common sense."

It would depend on which minority group you are speaking of. Per a study published on PBS website. 47% of black 17 yr olds are functionally illiterate." I would say that makes your statement...well...wrong!


How many black 17 yr. olds do you know that are functionally illiterate? How many 17 yr. olds do you know that vote? You are right, I have never lived in a REAL urban area or rural area but I have always been Black! I would say that makes you....well...clueless!

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The Hero Zone

Has it been stated that the limitations are in place to suppress "certain people"? What is the claimed reason? Knowing that it is perfectly logical to ask questions and look into it more. That is a practice I exercise commonly here. But has anyone said in a bill or behind a podium, "We're reducing our locations because people darker than a paper bag need to be silenced!"?

The reason I personally ask so many questions is because I enjoy learning and trying to figure things out. Otherwise the unknown causes fear and superstition. Rumors. Paranoia. Misunderstanding. So applying that to what you said as above, not even discounting it as false:

1. What are the stated reasons for shortened times and locations? Is it because the current locations are unfit in some way? Not accessible? Dangerous? Unnecessarily underpopulated?

2. What are the statistics on the the consistency of broken down equipment to a voting location? Are broken machines in every "urban" voting place? If so, why and who is responsible for their purchases/upkeep? If a polling location isn't up to standards then it should be reported!

There's a lot to the voting process that I personally don't like such as on the spot registration/voting. When I was at a certain campaign headquarters the tactics of telling people about the candidate and getting them to register and vote on the spot, early mind you, was being taught. Of course I would expect that these recruiters only had good things to say about their candidate, bad things about the opponent, and could say things to get a person fired up about an issue, lock in their vote, and have no way to retract it after it had been cast in case certain things came to light.

Let's not forget the organizations, celebrities, etc. who provide voting parties to people and will wine/dine them then give them rides to the polling location after heavy doses of one side of an issue or candidate. But just as the examples above of my distaste are anecdotal or don't have positive proof, I can't just go around stating my opinion as fact that all campaign supporters manipulate uninformed people to get passionate votes nor that votes are being bought with money and charisma.

Pterocarya frax...

"Has it been stated that the limitations are in place to suppress "certain people"?"

Read the quotes in this article from Phyllis Schlafly, Jim Greer, and Mike Turzai, and then come back and answer your own question:


Spend more time reading from a variety of sources, instead of blathering so much, and you will understand.

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The Hero Zone

So after reading that AND the other articles from the same source it links to:

1. Phyllis Schlafly is asserting her opinion as a non-lawmaker.
2. Jim Greer seems to have been rightfully caught for being a scumbag that abused his own party. What?! Opportunistic scumbags in the Republican party? Perish the thought!
3. Mike Turzai? Pandering to his political party by assuaging their fears that the big, bad Democrats won't win because of something he is supposedly doing to bolster his own reputation.

Party, party, party. Blather, blather, blather. Hibbity-jibbity, gobbledy-googily. So what you presented is further evidence of why party-first mentality is destructive and harmful to people. I'm glad to see that Jim Greer got in trouble for his actions. As for the comments made by the other two? Callous, partisan observations meant to be a warm blanket/attention-getter among a "friendly" crowd.

I don't know what more you want. Democrats pander to their base, too, and it is just as disappointing and destructive. If a bill is put forward to specifically suppress someone that is wrong. But if it isn't, anyone can say anything about it whether they think it is so or not. There are many opinionated people in each party that do a lot of their own blathering.

The Republican party is dying for a reason (the examples above are part of it, but there are more) and hopefully so too will the Democratic party follow it so we can actually advance as a society with laws that are good for all. I have actually tried to do something about not just them but the Democratic one, too, but for some reason I continually get no responses back from leadership.

To address your snip about my variety? Most of my read news comes from either here or the Huffington Post, which as you may be aware is probably only slightly less biased than the website to which you sent me. Hopefully if anyone ever cites a Fox News source you won't make fun of them for it. But I accept your links, read them and others, because I am not afraid of biased news because they at least have the decency to tell you beforehand what their slant is as you figure out the story.

Which conservative news outlets do you read? Maybe we can compare and discuss stories. I'll read you mine if you read me yours.

Pterocarya frax...

There is zero coincidence that since the US Supreme Court struck down most of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, that 35 states have enacted or introduced legislation to restrict voting rights in some manner.

Voter suppression takes many forms, but the basic intent is to try to keep certain people from voting. Often, those certain people are blacks, or other minorities, or poor people.

Just because many of you have never lived outside the north central Ohio area, there is a great big world out there that is very different than yours. Poor people have a more difficult time getting to the polls, so attempts to limit voting hours and absentee voting are common. There are multiple cases in a couple southern states where polling stations have been moved to areas far away from college campuses and bus lines to make access more difficult. There are many cases of spreading flyers and handbills advertising the wrong day to vote. There are many other subtle forms like these mentioned, but they all are aimed at keeping certain segments of the population from voting.

But the big one that Republicans constantly crow about is voter ID laws. The Pennsylvania voter ID law was just struck down in court because of the lack of availability of ID. 750,000 people in that state don't have the ID necessary to vote. I know you say they should run out to the BMV and get it...right? Well again, many of them don't have the transportation, or time, or money, to do it. But the bigger problem is, how are they going to get an ID printed if they don't have a way to prove who they are. Many of these people don't have a passport, or even a birth certificate.

What it boils down to is that as the population ages and becomes more diverse is that the Republican party base is shrinking. So they think if they can keep enough of the other part's base from voting, they can still win elections. In the short term, that has somewhat worked for them, but it is a pretty lousy long term strategy. If Republicans want to be effective down the road, they need to look at widening their base.

There...a couple of you asked, so there it is. I suggest you read this to understand it better:



Thank you for that thoughtful lesson. Now perhaps you can help assuage my concerns about voter fraud? Perhaps you'll explain that any reports of alleged fraud are anecdotal. Reports of long time poll workers 'helping' friends and family members make sure they aren't disenfranchised by voting for them.... or developmentally disabled adults being escorted to the polls and in some cases refusing to cast 'their' ballot because they didn't want to give them up. Will you tell me "there's nothing to see here, move along"?
And then explain how these measures to expand the opportunity to exercise our franchise doesn't also expand the opportunity for fraud?

Pterocarya frax...


Out of 5.63 million votes cast in the 2012 election in Ohio, 135 cases of possible voter fraud were found, and referred for possible prosecution. How many of those are guilty...I couldn't find that. 20 of those were people that voted in Ohio and another state...so basically old people that live here part of the year and go to Florida and vote from their home there, because they forgot they mailed in their absentee ballot from Ohio.

How many of the rest true fraud cases would be stopped by strict ID laws? I don't know, but from your perspective I am sure it must be millions.

But you are correct. The best way to wipe out voter fraud would be one day to vote only, and you dip your thumb in purple ink. Then the only way to cheat is to cut your thumb off!


Re: "dip your thumb in purple ink."

The (bleepin') progressive-socialists would REALLY be howling with THAT one. :)

Gotta agree; I'd rather just show a (bleepin') ID.


Re: "There is zero coincidence (snip)"

I have no problem showing an official picture ID or voter registration card in order to vote, why should you?

H*ll, when I check into a hotel or often when I use a credit card, I'm asked for ID. OK with me.

Pterocarya frax...

You sound more like a Republican every day.

"Pro-Second Amendment? The Castle Doctrine, it's done. First pro-life legislation - abortion facility regulations - in 22 years, done. Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done,"...Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R) in June, 2012


Re: "You sound more like a Republican every day."

Independent - fiscal conservative, social liberal.

So tell me again that as a believer in big govt. as to how you're not a socialist? :)


Pooh, every time you get clearly out smarted and out classed in your attempt to make a point, you attack. If you are a fraction as smart as you think you are, you have to see what's really going on here. Suppression!!!!!!!!!!!! You actually sound like you are far right of even the Tea party.


Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. Every time you are outclassed and outsmarted (which is easy to do, and frequent), you throw out the tea party epithet.


Re: "tea party,"

Tea parties and libertarians (classical liberalism) share many common values and beliefs, but they are NOT synonymous.

I still remember watching Rick Santelli the day he first helped to coin the term:


Some days I miss the ol' Chicago "in your face" attitude. :)


It's true G I JOE! Your buddy goes on the attack. I rarely classify anyone as anything other than right wing dingbats so quit your babbling. You think because you can read you have all the answers. Problem is you read garbage and ignore intelligent speak if it is something you don't agree with and you are not very objective.


Again, pot meet kettle. At least I provide information from research, most which is being pulled from studies conducted in liberal academia. All you offer is an opinion, completely void of any facts...well except for opinion that you try to pass off as fact.


You don't comprehend well at all. Opinions don't have to be factual. They're opinions. Just because you read something on the internet does not make it true liberal or not. You have a warped opinion about Blacks, something you know very little about. This article is about voter suppression not 17 yr. olds. If you would turn the channel sometimes you may actually get the other side of the story. Anyone can find an article that fits their agenda. I ignore the links you right wing dingbats post because they are ALWAYS biased.


Re: "Suppression!"

Nope! I can HONESTLY say that I have NEVER felt 'suppressed' while being asked for my ID.

Have a nice day Speedo.


That's because when you pull up in your old man Buick and lily white face you don't even get asked for it!


Re: "you don't even get asked for it!"

You're ignorant as usual.

Have a nice day Pork Chop.


Progressives don't want the ID requirement even if the ID is provided free of charge to the poor. Explain that one to me? It's funny that they used the excuse that it would cost poor people money for the ID, when that issue was removed in some states, they were still against it. That only leaves people to guess that the reason is to allow voter fraud.


The system is not broken so it does not need to be fixed. It's the principle of the matter. You have to prove who you are when you register and there's only one vote per person. Do you think many minorities move to Florida for the winter? C'mon!

Pterocarya frax...

"Progressives don't want the ID requirement even if the ID is provided free of charge to the poor."

Even if that were true, it ignores the fact that ID is a false solution to a problem that doesn't exist, and that the voter ID is sold to low information "patriots" as the way to eliminate fraud, when in reality it is nothing more than a way to keep certain people from voting.

Try again.

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The Hero Zone

You had me until your comments became partisan and threw all your points out the window.

The issue I take with the language you use is that terms are thrown out without any context. "Restricting voting rights in some manner." What are voting rights and "some manner"? That sounds pretty vague and broad. If one facility has T8 fluorescents and the other 60W incandescents and appears dimmer is that a voting right violation because one place is somewhat differently lit than another? All these broad terms I hear thrown around with no anchor, meaning, or context. I called coasterfan out for this in the $1.1T article when he said "basic services we can all agree on" or espousing how wonderful it is that we are still not only overspending but increasing the amount we overspend each year because as a PERCENTAGE it was less than the massive increases before.

If PA passed a requirement then didn't ensure that requirement can be met that is disingenuous. But even you yourself state "how are they going to get an ID printed if they don't have a way to prove who they are." That being the case, and only registered citizens can vote which seems to be something you even agree with, why should someone who can't prove who they are be allowed to vote?

In that case, too, this same segment of poor only those who receive no kinds of government support are left out. No house, no income, no job, no identification, no family, no friends, a complete shut-in that somehow has lived in the gutter their entire lives. Otherwise, unless I am wrong, you must provide ID to collect support of some kind. So why can't those agencies assist in getting their enrollees registered to vote and provide the "ID to get the ID" so to speak?

Pterocarya frax...

So my points are out the window because I became partisan? If that is true, then your points are out the window for the intellectual dishonesty of the T8 vs incandescent comment!

"If PA passed a requirement then didn't ensure that requirement can be met that is disingenuous." It isn't if...the Republicans did pass it (see my quote from one of them in another comment).

Many older people have been voting for 50 years or more, and owned homes, and collect social security, etc, and never have had an ID. Just because that seems odd or incomprehensible to you, doesn't change the fact that it is true, but all of a sudden they can't vote?

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The Hero Zone

I don't see why, in this case, the state can't ensure they meet the requirements put forward. If all of that has happened and they can prove who they are because of it, why can't the IDs be provided then to modernize them to the standards put in place?

In the case where the law was passed in PA without any kind of support to ensure it is met, that is bad and those politicians should feel bad. I can't give you anything else. It is petty and messes with people's lives which I can't abide. Even if the law was passed without that, and it was just the opinion of that lawmaker, I hope he loses his seat because a person with hurtful ideas like that has no place in a position of authority.

Now regarding the points being invalidated, I suppose I should say that I was disappointed more than anything that suddenly you became partisan when the points above were more neutral in nature. I don't hold a candle for either party, especially the Republicans, but to imply Democrats are somehow "better" is absurd. I am sure if we tallied up the abuses, ethics violations, laws broken, and biased lawmaking both would be fairly even as they run a race for themselves leaving everyone else behind.

Dr. Information

No id no vote. Pretty simple.


It wasn't until a Black man won the White House that this even became an issue. Pretty simple!


Re: "a Black man won the White House that this even became an issue."

Typical of the ignorant who believe that History 'miraculously' began on Nov. 4. 2008.

"The Reality of Voter Fraud"

"Indeed, a brand-new Rasmussen Reports poll finds that 64 percent of Americans believe voter fraud is a serious problem, with whites registering 63 percent agreement and African-Americans 64 percent."


And let's just forget all those dead Chicago voters back in '63 huh?

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If people aren't smart enough to get an ID, then obviously they aren't smart enough to vote.

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The Hero Zone

Wow, really? This again? So because I have an issue with ensuring the voting process is respected and fair (which does mean issuing IDs for free to those who need them) I have a problem with black people? I am disappointed and saddened at this mentality.

Deertracker, there are things before we have agreed upon and dissent on others. But this broad-brush stroke is insulting intellectually, emotionally, and chronologically on many levels. Whether or not you care how it came across to me or others here, I wanted to let you know.


Hero, when has voting rights been in the limelight before the President was elected? Why do you continue to ignore the obvious? This isn't about Black people it is far more complex than that and you must know this. C'mon, it's disappointing that you would even try to change the narrative here.

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The Hero Zone

15th Amendment. Prohibits the denial of the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude. February 3, 1870

19th Amendment. Prohibits the denial of the right to vote based on sex. August 18, 1920

23rd Amendment. Grants the District of Columbia electors (the number of electors being equal to the least populous state) in the Electoral College. March 29, 1961

24th Amendment. Prohibits the revocation of voting rights due to the non-payment of a poll tax. January 23, 1964

26th Amendment. Prohibits the denial of the right of US citizens, eighteen years of age or older, to vote on account of age. July 1, 1971

Let's not also forget the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which, despite a portion of it being found to be unconstitutional, sets the bar fairly low for someone to be able to vote. You don't even have to be literate to vote! So voting has been a fiercely fought over aspect of our society for a very long time.

As Pter has pointed out, PA's law violated the constitution (and the above law) because, in essence, is set a mandate to be able to vote but no ability for all otherwise-able citizens to meet eligibility. That is a case of irresponsibility. But if that basic requirement is set and all are given the copious ability to meet it, I don't see a problem with it.

As much as I may seem to gripe about wasted tax money, I don't see providing IDs to everyone as a "waste". It actually enables a great many to not only vote but do EVERYTHING else modern society seeks to do, especially helping the poor who as far as I know need ID to receive assistance.

If a law to expand/contract is done in order to increase one party's influence, that is scummy and bad policy. Pter went on to show quoted opinions/reasoning for laws, but if there is actually a problem with the laws then they should be taken to court like the one in PA to figure out and those responsible for the bad legislation should be called out, shamed, and/or removed from office.


..... and your point is?!!!!!!!!!!!

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Failure is an achievement for a liberal.


When people talk about how easy it is to get ID, they are viewing it from their own "modern" perspective. Everyone has a birth certificate so there's no problem getting official ID. Wrong! Many elderly in this country, especially minorities, were born at home rather than hospitals. If the parents registered the home birth at the county court house, the State would issue a birth certificate. For many minorities and the poor, this was an unnecessary and frivolous expense. You didn't need a birth certificate to prove your identity or your citizenship when you went to school, got a job or drove a car. I have my Mother's driver's license expiration date in large red letters on my calender because if we ever miss a renewal, she will be SOL under current ID requirements. Out of 13 aunts and uncles, from age 64 to 81, only eight would have the required paperwork and proof to get an ID in Ohio today. Needless to say, we watch renewal dates carefully even though most no longer drive. You shouldn't lose your right to vote because of a missed renewal.


Re: "You didn't need a birth certificate to prove your identity or your citizenship when you went to school, got a job or drove a car."

But thanks to the Patriot Act, I need a (bleepin') passport in order to visit Canada or Mexico?

Cry me a river.

Why isn't the (bleepin') Black Caucus bitchin' about that?


Maybe because some people, especially those who've served and fought for our country, believe their right to vote is more important than a vacation to Cancun?


Re: "believe their right to vote,"

The point: Our freedoms are constantly under attack in numerous ways.

I used to be able to go into Canada with just a driver's license - not any more!

NO ONE is taking away ANYONE'S "right" to vote.

The (bleepin') NSA is collecting our electronic communications and the USPS scans our mail & some on here are whining about having to prove one's identity before voting?

What nonsense.

Pterocarya frax...

Keep spewing the Fox talking points.

How are your freedoms under attack by needing a passport to get into another country?


So as a big govt. progressive-socialist, you're perfectly OK with the NSA collecting data, ALL the provisions of the Patriot Act & the NDAA, but you don't think that the govt. should confirm someone's identity before voting?

The govt. just wants to know who you are. How could you object to that Comrade?

Pterocarya frax...

Where have I ever said I am okay with NDAA, etc.? I have not.

Again I ask, how are your freedoms under attack by needing a passport to enter another country?


Re: "needing a passport"

It's a restriction of freedom.

So the U.S. govt. needs to know when I visit Canada and/or Mexico why?

You didn't answer my question:

You don't think that the govt. should confirm someone's identity before voting?

Pterocarya frax...

Excellent points Sash, but I think we are wasting our time. They don't want to understand it.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Who is "they"? The thems? Am I a they? The points Sash makes are understandable but what isn't is the defeatist "we can't do anything about it and we won't so leave it alone" that I see instead of "how can we fix this" and actually do something about it?

Pterocarya frax...

You are a "they" if you don't want to listen and understand. I was expressing frustration with many on here ignoring the facts, and not caring, but you don't see me stopping and not trying to explain it, do you? What are you doing to fix it?

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I have so far attempted to communicate with:

Erie County Democratic Party President
Erie County Republican Party President
State Representative
U.S. Representative
U.S. Senator


No reply
No reply
No reply
Meeting with aide with promise of followup with him or Rep. - no reply
Canned email response

Despite my blathering here on this site, I care deeply for people. I have a great diversity of customers, most but not all the "next generation", and who come from all manner of lifestyles and backgrounds. Prior to what I do now I was a life/health/LTC/disability insurance guy and had all the education and licenses you needed then to help individuals and businesses cover themselves.

I was born in Florida and stayed there for a while, lived in Connecticut a while, and finally came to Ohio to live and stay. While in college I was on the International Student Union among other organizations social and political. I've lived in a poor household with an alcoholic mother and a stable household with a father who at the time was working hard to remake his career after losing his restaurant business. My mother is still alive and my father died of brain cancer eight years ago. I have visited many states, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

So what am I doing? Every day I try to work not just to support myself and my community, but also those who come down to my store. To give them stability, friendship, and an education into the things schools can't/won't/don't teach. To give them sanctuary from abusive households or a place where they can feel normal if they have a disability of some kind. From my constant, daily work with Catholics, atheists, pagans, blacks, whites, mixes, males, females, gays, straights, bisexuals, rich, poor, fat, skinny, Marvels, DCs, PCs, and Macs I actually have wanted to improve their lives and for those in power I can contact to share these experiences and provide guidance I would like to do so.

I have been fortunate that Mr. Westerhold here has given me a voice to try and carry out that mission. But it isn't enough, especially with how derpy and partisan Congress is. I used to identify as Republican but have rescinded that in light of them being no better than the other party. Relinquishing partisanship has opened me up to a slew of other ideas and all I want to do is explore them, others', and try to open peoples' eyes to the fact that things can be better.

So there. Is that enough for now to count as attempting to fix things? If I could be sitting in an office in Columbus or DC helping people I'd love to, but for now I am a small and struggling business owner in Sandusky, OH who is doing the best he can when those in political positions above him aren't responsive.


Re: "ignoring the facts,"

Per usual you confuse opinion for fact.


I don't think it's a defeatist attitude but one of priorities and cost/benefit analysis. The costs are in both dollars and the potential to disenfranchise voters. I happen to give heavier weight to disenfranchising voters because our voice/vote in government is the foundation of our government and democracy. I can't accept "too bad/so sad" as a valid argument for disenfranchisement as a first step rather than a last resort. In dollar costs, let your imagination fly because it will be exorbitant. By requiring citizens to purchase a drivers license or State ID in order to vote, you are enacting a poll tax. To slide around that Constitutional roadblock, the State would need to waive the fees for them. Except, they're not free and the costs will be passed on to taxpayers. So, high costs and the benefit is..what? Eliminate voter fraud? How bad is the problem? Not bad if you look at real facts and figures and ignore urban legend or ridiculous comparisons to '63 Chicago. Unlike the old days when voting rolls and ballots would have to be manually crosschecked, we now have computers and databases to do the work in hours. Inflated voting rolls are a problem in Ohio, but that is a bureaucracy problem, not a fraud problem. Most voter "fraud" has been seen in either improper registration(convicted felon/wrong district) or absentee ballots. Since neither registration nor absentee voting requires photo ID, the "answer" ignores the biggest problem. I think Ohio had 18 or 19 cases of voter fraud in the 2012 election out of nearly 5 1/2 million votes, or about .0038%. Any fraudulent vote is a problem, but the most extreme answer, with such a high cost, is not the answer.


Re: "ridiculous comparisons to '63 Chicago."

It was voter fraud, pure and simple. Hardly ridiculous.

Yea, widespread voter fraud could NEVER occur again. lol

Fact: Numerous facets of U.S. life require showing ID; why should voting be any different?

Fact: The govt. intrudes on numerous facets of U.S. life; why should voting be any different?


Of course it was fraud,and of course it's ridiculous to make the comparison between now and then. It was easy to commit fraud when it was impossible to manually crosscheck hundreds of thousands of votes against voting rolls. Computers can now do all the crosschecking in a matter of hours. And many "facets" of your life require ID? You need it to cash a check? Buy a house? Rent a car? And? What does that have to do with anything? Voting is the very basis of a democracy. No vote equals no voice. How important is it? How important is Freedom of Speech, Religion or the Right to Bear Arms? We have one Amendment for each of those rights and four Amendments protecting our right to vote. "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State..." You may see little difference between cashing a check and casting a vote, but our country and Constitution gives the right to vote far greater weight and protection.


Re: "Right to Bear Arms?"

Why is ID required in order to exercise one's 2nd Amend. right to purchase a firearm?


Hey pooh, what year did Blacks actually have the right to vote? Did they and did they show ID? It has been a problem for centuries. When did women get to vote? You should not need an ID to vote. Don't worry pooh, I highly doubt there is another Black man out there willing to deal with the drama and disrespect Obama has! It's not worth it! You should watch The Butler too!


Re: "what year did Blacks actually have the right to vote?"

See: Reconstruction.

Southern states were required to give blacks the right to vote, while most northern states (like OH) still prohibited them from voting.


Did they?


Re: "You should not need an ID to vote,"

Most European countries require national identity cards.

The U.S. and Canada are the only two countries in the Americas that don't have NICs.


Don't click on the above, you 'might' learn something.


You are not in Europe! Go there if you want to be subjected to their way of life.


Re: "I highly doubt there is another Black man out there willing to deal with the drama and disrespect Obama has!"

As long as he/she isn't socialist, I'd consider votin' for 'em.

Keep pullin' the race card Sport.

So how many black and mulatto relatives do you have? I have several.


I have several! Thank you very much! Tell yours I said forget about politics.


For all you race baiters who have no clue about history the 13th 14th and 15th amendments have a look at the votes cast for these. And honestly the race card is about the lamest excuse u can possibly have, but it seems its all u libs have to offer. And I will leave u with this question, we always hear about the black caucus would a white caucus be racist? If u say tes then well we know who the racist really is

Pterocarya frax...

I would respond to this...if I had a freaking clue as to what it says!


its not hard to understand, in response to all this repubs are racist. history has shown they are not. So if you look up how the voting went for civil rights legislation you will see that. Understand now?


All repubs are not racist but the party has a lot of racists in it!


"More than 40 Ohio political races last year were decided by one vote -- or luck of the draw"


All the more reason to insure fair elections and legal voters.


No voter fraud?

Here's one recent example that helped to give the country the pain in the *ss known as Obama☭are.

"Al Franken May Have Won His Senate Seat Through Voter Fraud"



Your first warning should have been that it's an opinion piece, the second warning the date. McGrath and others like him are the "chicken littles" running around screaming that the sky is falling and voter fraud is rampant. McGrath's 1099 felons was after combing 2008 and 2012 voter rolls looking for convicted felons. Felons can regain their voting rights after completing "all" of their sentence, including any probation. After all the investigations there were around 180 prosecuted for illegal registration or voter fraud. The majority, around 140, were for registering before they were eligible, not for an illegal vote. And again, the biggest problems with "voter fraud" comes down to improper registration. Photo ID's have nothing to do with registration. Try this links instead.


Re: "it's an opinion piece,"

As is yours.

Face it; the number of any voter disenfranchisement is small and this is merely ANOTHER left wing victimization ploy to rally the base.

Again: Why does one need an ID to exercise one’s Constitutional right to purchase a firearm?


Do you think anyone should have to show ID for anything pooh? Seems not


Obamacare did not ruin your teeth!